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Package tfvar contains the essential tools to extract input variables from Terraform configurations, retrieve variable definitions from sources, and parse those values back into the input variables.



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func CollectFromEnvVars

func CollectFromEnvVars(to map[string]UnparsedVariableValue)

CollectFromEnvVars extracts the variable definitions from all environment variables that prefixed with TF_VAR_.

func CollectFromFile

func CollectFromFile(filename string, to map[string]UnparsedVariableValue) error

CollectFromFile extracts the variable definitions from the given file.

func CollectFromString

func CollectFromString(raw string, to map[string]UnparsedVariableValue) error

CollectFromString extracts the variable definition from the given string.

func LookupTFVarsFiles

func LookupTFVarsFiles(dir string) []string

LookupTFVarsFiles search for terraform.tfvars, terraform.tfvars.json, *.auto.tfvars, and *.auto.tfvars.json in dir. The value of dir is include in the returned value.

func WriteAsEnvVars

func WriteAsEnvVars(w io.Writer, vars []Variable) error

WriteAsEnvVars outputs the given vars in environment variables format, e.g.

export TF_VAR_region='ap-northeast-1'

func WriteAsTFEResource added in v0.5.0

func WriteAsTFEResource(w io.Writer, vars []Variable) error

func WriteAsTFVars

func WriteAsTFVars(w io.Writer, vars []Variable) error

WriteAsTFVars outputs the given vars in Terraform's variable definitions format, e.g.

region = "ap-northeast-1"

func WriteAsWorkspacePayload added in v0.5.0

func WriteAsWorkspacePayload(w io.Writer, vars []Variable) error


type UnparsedVariableValue

type UnparsedVariableValue interface {
	ParseVariableValue(configs.VariableParsingMode) (cty.Value, error)

UnparsedVariableValue describes the value of variable definitions defined in tfvars files, environment variables, and raw string.

type Variable

type Variable struct {
	Name        string
	Value       cty.Value
	Description string
	Sensitive   bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Variable represents a simplified version of Terraform's input variable, e.g.

variable "image_id" {
  type = string

func Load

func Load(dir string) ([]Variable, error)

Load extracts all input variables declared in the Terraform configurations located in dir.

func ParseValues

func ParseValues(from map[string]UnparsedVariableValue, vars []Variable) ([]Variable, error)

ParseValues assigns defined variables into the matching declared variables.

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