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const (
	// AppExtension is the extension used by an application.
	AppExtension = ".dockerapp"
	// The label used to distinguish applications from Docker images.
	ImageLabel = "com.docker.application"
	// MetadataFileName is metadata file name
	MetadataFileName = "metadata.yml"
	// ComposeFileName is compose file name
	ComposeFileName = "docker-compose.yml"
	// SettingsFileName is settings file name
	SettingsFileName = "settings.yml"


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var (
	// Debug enables debug logging and features
	Debug = false
	// Experimental enables experimental features if set to "on"
	Experimental = "on"
	// Renderers is a comma-separated list of enabled renderers
	Renderers = "gotemplate"
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var (
	// Version is the git tag that this was built from.
	Version = "unknown"
	// GitCommit is the commit that this was built from.
	GitCommit = "unknown"
	// BuildTime is the time at which the binary was built.
	BuildTime = "unknown"
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var (
	// Application file names, in order.
	FileNames = []string{MetadataFileName, ComposeFileName, SettingsFileName}


func AppNameFromDir

func AppNameFromDir(dirName string) string

AppNameFromDir takes a path to an app directory and returns the application's name

func DirNameFromAppName

func DirNameFromAppName(appName string) string

DirNameFromAppName takes an application name and returns the corresponding directory name

func FullVersion

func FullVersion() string

FullVersion returns a string of version information.

func ValidateAppName

func ValidateAppName(appName string) error

ValidateAppName takes an app name and returns an error if it doesn't match the expected format


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