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const (
	NewBlockMsg = 0x07


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func New

func New(config *istanbul.Config, privateKey *ecdsa.PrivateKey, db ethdb.Database) consensus.Istanbul

    New creates an Ethereum backend for Istanbul core engine.


    type API

    type API struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      API is a user facing RPC API to dump Istanbul state

      func (*API) Candidates

      func (api *API) Candidates() map[common.Address]bool

        Candidates returns the current candidates the node tries to uphold and vote on.

        func (*API) Discard

        func (api *API) Discard(address common.Address)

          Discard drops a currently running candidate, stopping the validator from casting further votes (either for or against).

          func (*API) GetSignersFromBlock

          func (api *API) GetSignersFromBlock(number *rpc.BlockNumber) (*BlockSigners, error)

            GetSignersFromBlock returns the signers and minter for a given block number, or the latest block available if none is specified

            func (*API) GetSignersFromBlockByHash

            func (api *API) GetSignersFromBlockByHash(hash common.Hash) (*BlockSigners, error)

              GetSignersFromBlockByHash returns the signers and minter for a given block hash

              func (*API) GetSnapshot

              func (api *API) GetSnapshot(number *rpc.BlockNumber) (*Snapshot, error)

                GetSnapshot retrieves the state snapshot at a given block.

                func (*API) GetSnapshotAtHash

                func (api *API) GetSnapshotAtHash(hash common.Hash) (*Snapshot, error)

                  GetSnapshotAtHash retrieves the state snapshot at a given block.

                  func (*API) GetValidators

                  func (api *API) GetValidators(number *rpc.BlockNumber) ([]common.Address, error)

                    GetValidators retrieves the list of authorized validators at the specified block.

                    func (*API) GetValidatorsAtHash

                    func (api *API) GetValidatorsAtHash(hash common.Hash) ([]common.Address, error)

                      GetValidatorsAtHash retrieves the state snapshot at a given block.

                      func (*API) NodeAddress

                      func (api *API) NodeAddress() common.Address

                        NodeAddress returns the public address that is used to sign block headers in IBFT

                        func (*API) Propose

                        func (api *API) Propose(address common.Address, auth bool)

                          Propose injects a new authorization candidate that the validator will attempt to push through.

                          type BlockSigners

                          type BlockSigners struct {
                          	Number     uint64
                          	Hash       common.Hash
                          	Author     common.Address
                          	Committers []common.Address

                            BlockSigners is contains who created and who signed a particular block, denoted by its number and hash

                            type Snapshot

                            type Snapshot struct {
                            	Epoch uint64 // The number of blocks after which to checkpoint and reset the pending votes
                            	Number uint64                   // Block number where the snapshot was created
                            	Hash   common.Hash              // Block hash where the snapshot was created
                            	Votes  []*Vote                  // List of votes cast in chronological order
                            	Tally  map[common.Address]Tally // Current vote tally to avoid recalculating
                            	ValSet istanbul.ValidatorSet    // Set of authorized validators at this moment

                              Snapshot is the state of the authorization voting at a given point in time.

                              func (*Snapshot) MarshalJSON

                              func (s *Snapshot) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                                Marshal to a json byte array

                                func (*Snapshot) UnmarshalJSON

                                func (s *Snapshot) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

                                  Unmarshal from a json byte array

                                  type Tally

                                  type Tally struct {
                                  	Authorize bool `json:"authorize"` // Whether the vote it about authorizing or kicking someone
                                  	Votes     int  `json:"votes"`     // Number of votes until now wanting to pass the proposal

                                    Tally is a simple vote tally to keep the current score of votes. Votes that go against the proposal aren't counted since it's equivalent to not voting.

                                    type Vote

                                    type Vote struct {
                                    	Validator common.Address `json:"validator"` // Authorized validator that cast this vote
                                    	Block     uint64         `json:"block"`     // Block number the vote was cast in (expire old votes)
                                    	Address   common.Address `json:"address"`   // Account being voted on to change its authorization
                                    	Authorize bool           `json:"authorize"` // Whether to authorize or deauthorize the voted account

                                      Vote represents a single vote that an authorized validator made to modify the list of authorizations.