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func AssertEqual

func AssertEqual(t *testing.T, got, expect interface{})

func AssertObjEqual

func AssertObjEqual(t *testing.T, r, e interface{}, names ...string)

func Now

func Now() *time.Time


type Account

type Account struct {
	UserID sql.NullInt64
	Number string

type Company

type Company struct {
	ID   int
	Name string

type DummyDialector

type DummyDialector struct {

func (DummyDialector) BindVarTo

func (DummyDialector) BindVarTo(writer clause.Writer, stmt *gorm.Statement, v interface{})

func (DummyDialector) DataTypeOf

func (DummyDialector) DataTypeOf(*schema.Field) string

func (DummyDialector) DefaultValueOf

func (DummyDialector) DefaultValueOf(field *schema.Field) clause.Expression

func (DummyDialector) Explain

func (DummyDialector) Explain(sql string, vars ...interface{}) string

func (DummyDialector) Initialize

func (DummyDialector) Initialize(*gorm.DB) error

func (DummyDialector) Migrator

func (DummyDialector) Migrator(*gorm.DB) gorm.Migrator

func (DummyDialector) Name

func (DummyDialector) Name() string

func (DummyDialector) QuoteTo

func (DummyDialector) QuoteTo(writer clause.Writer, str string)

type Language

type Language struct {
	Code string `gorm:"primarykey"`
	Name string

type Pet

type Pet struct {
	UserID *uint
	Name   string
	Toy    Toy `gorm:"polymorphic:Owner;"`

type Toy

type Toy struct {
	Name      string
	OwnerID   string
	OwnerType string

type User

type User struct {
	Name      string
	Age       uint
	Birthday  *time.Time
	Account   Account
	Pets      []*Pet
	Toys      []Toy `gorm:"polymorphic:Owner"`
	CompanyID *int
	Company   Company
	ManagerID *uint
	Manager   *User
	Team      []User     `gorm:"foreignkey:ManagerID"`
	Languages []Language `gorm:"many2many:UserSpeak;"`
	Friends   []*User    `gorm:"many2many:user_friends;"`
	Active    bool

User has one `Account` (has one), many `Pets` (has many) and `Toys` (has many - polymorphic) He works in a Company (belongs to), he has a Manager (belongs to - single-table), and also managed a Team (has many - single-table) He speaks many languages (many to many) and has many friends (many to many - single-table) His pet also has one Toy (has one - polymorphic)

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