Package event defines event types.



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    type Change

    type Change struct {
    	Action        string // "opened", "closed", "merged", "reopened".
    	ChangeTitle   string
    	ChangeBody    string // Only set when action is "opened".
    	ChangeHTMLURL string

      Change is a change event.

      type ChangeComment

      type ChangeComment struct {
      	ChangeTitle    string
      	ChangeState    state.Change
      	CommentBody    string
      	CommentReview  state.Review
      	CommentHTMLURL string

        ChangeComment is a change comment event. A change comment is a review iff CommentReview is non-zero.

        type Commit

        type Commit struct {
        	SHA             string
        	Message         string
        	AuthorAvatarURL string
        	HTMLURL         string // Optional.

          Commit describes a commit in a CommitComment or Push event.

          type CommitComment

          type CommitComment struct {
          	Commit      Commit
          	CommentBody string

            CommitComment is a commit comment event.

            type Create

            type Create struct {
            	Type        string // "repository", "package", "branch", "tag".
            	Name        string // Only for "branch", "tag" types.
            	Description string // Only for "repository", "package" types. Optional.

              Create is a create event.

              type Delete

              type Delete struct {
              	Type string // "branch", "tag".
              	Name string

                Delete is a delete event.

                type Event

                type Event struct {
                	Time  time.Time
                	Actor users.User // UserSpec and Login fields populated.
                	// Container is the URL (without schema) of event target.
                	// For event types Issue, Change, IssueComment, ChangeComment, CommitComment,
                	// and Create with "package" type, it's the import path of the target package.
                	// E.g., "" or "".
                	// For all other event types, it is the module path of the target repository.
                	// E.g., "" or "".
                	Container string
                	// Payload specifies the event type. It's one of:
                	// Issue, Change, IssueComment, ChangeComment, CommitComment,
                	// Push, Star, Create, Fork, Delete, Wiki.
                	Payload interface{}

                  Event represents an event.

                  func (Event) MarshalJSON

                  func (e Event) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                    MarshalJSON implements the json.Marshaler interface.

                    func (*Event) UnmarshalJSON

                    func (e *Event) UnmarshalJSON(b []byte) error

                      UnmarshalJSON implements the json.Unmarshaler interface.

                      type Fork

                      type Fork struct {
                      	Container string // URL (without schema) of the created repository. E.g., "".

                        Fork is a fork event.

                        type Issue

                        type Issue struct {
                        	Action       string // "opened", "closed", "reopened".
                        	IssueTitle   string
                        	IssueBody    string // Only set when action is "opened".
                        	IssueHTMLURL string

                          Issue is an issue event.

                          type IssueComment

                          type IssueComment struct {
                          	IssueTitle     string
                          	IssueState     state.Issue
                          	CommentBody    string
                          	CommentHTMLURL string

                            IssueComment is an issue comment event.

                            type Page

                            type Page struct {
                            	Action         string // "created", "edited".
                            	SHA            string
                            	Title          string
                            	HTMLURL        string
                            	CompareHTMLURL string

                              Page describes a page action in a Wiki event.

                              type Push

                              type Push struct {
                              	Branch  string   // Name of branch pushed to. E.g., "master".
                              	Head    string   // SHA of the most recent commit after the push.
                              	Before  string   // SHA of the most recent commit before the push.
                              	Commits []Commit // Ordered from earliest to most recent (head).
                              	HeadHTMLURL   string // Optional.
                              	BeforeHTMLURL string // Optional.

                                Push is a push event.

                                type Star

                                type Star struct{}

                                  Star is a star event.

                                  type Wiki

                                  type Wiki struct {
                                  	Pages []Page // Wiki pages that are affected.

                                    Wiki is a wiki event. It happens when an actor updates a wiki.

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