Package component contains individual components that can render themselves as HTML.



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type Avatar

type Avatar struct {
	User users.User
	Size int // In pixels, e.g., 48.

Avatar is an avatar component.

func (Avatar) Render

func (a Avatar) Render() []*html.Node

type ClosedIssuesTab

type ClosedIssuesTab struct {
	Count uint64 // Count of closed issues.

ClosedIssuesTab is a "Closed Issues Tab" component.

func (ClosedIssuesTab) Render

func (t ClosedIssuesTab) Render() []*html.Node

type Event

type Event struct {
	Event issues.Event

Event is an event component.

func (Event) Render

func (e Event) Render() []*html.Node

type IssueBadge

type IssueBadge struct {
	State issues.State

IssueBadge is an issue badge, displaying the issue's state.

func (IssueBadge) Render

func (ib IssueBadge) Render() []*html.Node

type IssueEntry

type IssueEntry struct {
	Issue  issues.Issue
	Unread bool // Unread indicates whether the issue contains unread notifications for authenticated user.

	// TODO, THINK: This is router details, can it be factored out or cleaned up?
	BaseURI string

IssueEntry is an entry within the list of issues.

func (IssueEntry) Render

func (i IssueEntry) Render() []*html.Node

type IssueIcon

type IssueIcon struct {
	State issues.State

IssueIcon is an issue icon, displaying the issue's state.

func (IssueIcon) Render

func (ii IssueIcon) Render() []*html.Node

type IssueStateBadge

type IssueStateBadge struct {
	Issue issues.Issue

IssueStateBadge is a component that displays the state of an issue with a badge, who opened it, and when it was opened.

func (IssueStateBadge) Render

func (i IssueStateBadge) Render() []*html.Node

type Issues

type Issues struct {
	IssuesNav IssuesNav
	Filter    issues.StateFilter
	Entries   []IssueEntry

Issues is a component that displays a page of issues, with a navigation bar on top.

func (Issues) Render

func (i Issues) Render() []*html.Node

type IssuesNav

type IssuesNav struct {
	OpenCount     uint64     // Open issues count.
	ClosedCount   uint64     // Closed issues count.
	Path          string     // URL path of current page (needed to generate correct links).
	Query         url.Values // URL query of current page (needed to generate correct links).
	StateQueryKey string     // Name of query key for controlling issue state filter. Constant, but provided externally.

IssuesNav is a navigation component for displaying a header for a list of issues. It contains tabs to switch between viewing open and closed issues.

func (IssuesNav) Render

func (n IssuesNav) Render() []*html.Node

type Label

type Label struct {
	Label issues.Label

Label is a label component.

func (Label) Render

func (l Label) Render() []*html.Node

type OpenIssuesTab

type OpenIssuesTab struct {
	Count uint64 // Count of open issues.

OpenIssuesTab is an "Open Issues Tab" component.

func (OpenIssuesTab) Render

func (t OpenIssuesTab) Render() []*html.Node

type Time

type Time struct {
	Time time.Time

Time component that displays human friendly relative time (e.g., "2 hours ago", "yesterday"), but also contains a tooltip with the full absolute time (e.g., "Jan 2, 2006, 3:04 PM MST").

TODO: Factor out, it's the same as in notificationsapp.

func (Time) Render

func (t Time) Render() []*html.Node

type User

type User struct {
	User users.User

User is a user component.

func (User) Render

func (u User) Render() []*html.Node