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const (
	LogLevelDebug = "debug"
	LogLevelInfo  = "info"
	LogLevelError = "error"
	LogLevelFatal = "fatal"


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type BaggageclaimCommand

type BaggageclaimCommand struct {
	Logger LagerFlag

	BindIP   IPFlag `long:"bind-ip"   default:"" description:"IP address on which to listen for API traffic."`
	BindPort uint16 `long:"bind-port" default:"7788"      description:"Port on which to listen for API traffic."`

	VolumesDir DirFlag `long:"volumes" required:"true" description:"Directory in which to place volume data."`

	Driver string `` /* 143-byte string literal not displayed */

	BtrfsBin string `long:"btrfs-bin" default:"btrfs" description:"Path to btrfs binary"`
	MkfsBin  string `long:"mkfs-bin" default:"mkfs.btrfs" description:"Path to mkfs.btrfs binary"`

	OverlaysDir string `long:"overlays-dir" description:"Path to directory in which to store overlay data"`

	ReapInterval time.Duration `long:"reap-interval" default:"10s" description:"Interval on which to reap expired volumes."`

	Metrics struct {
		YellerAPIKey      string `long:"yeller-api-key"     description:"Yeller API key. If specified, all errors logged will be emitted."`
		YellerEnvironment string `long:"yeller-environment" description:"Environment to tag on all Yeller events emitted."`
	} `group:"Metrics & Diagnostics"`

func (*BaggageclaimCommand) Execute

func (cmd *BaggageclaimCommand) Execute(args []string) error

func (*BaggageclaimCommand) Runner

func (cmd *BaggageclaimCommand) Runner(args []string) (ifrit.Runner, error)

type DirFlag

type DirFlag string

func (DirFlag) Path

func (f DirFlag) Path() string

func (*DirFlag) UnmarshalFlag

func (f *DirFlag) UnmarshalFlag(value string) error

type IPFlag

type IPFlag net.IP

func (IPFlag) IP

func (f IPFlag) IP() net.IP

func (*IPFlag) UnmarshalFlag

func (f *IPFlag) UnmarshalFlag(value string) error

type LagerFlag

type LagerFlag struct {
	LogLevel string `` /* 134-byte string literal not displayed */

func (LagerFlag) Logger

func (f LagerFlag) Logger(component string) (lager.Logger, *lager.ReconfigurableSink)

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