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const (
	// TokenTimeout is the period of time in seconds that a token is valid for.
	// If the timestamp for token issue is not within the last hour, APNs
	// rejects subsequent push messages. This is set to under an hour so that
	// we generate a new token before the existing one expires.
	TokenTimeout = 3000


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var (
	ErrAuthKeyNotPem   = errors.New("token: AuthKey must be a valid .p8 PEM file")
	ErrAuthKeyNotECDSA = errors.New("token: AuthKey must be of type ecdsa.PrivateKey")
	ErrAuthKeyNil      = errors.New("token: AuthKey was nil")

Possible errors when parsing a .p8 file.


func AuthKeyFromBytes

func AuthKeyFromBytes(bytes []byte) (*ecdsa.PrivateKey, error)

AuthKeyFromBytes loads a .p8 certificate from an in memory byte array and returns an *ecdsa.PrivateKey.

func AuthKeyFromFile

func AuthKeyFromFile(filename string) (*ecdsa.PrivateKey, error)

AuthKeyFromFile loads a .p8 certificate from a local file and returns a *ecdsa.PrivateKey.


type Token

type Token struct {
	AuthKey  *ecdsa.PrivateKey
	KeyID    string
	TeamID   string
	IssuedAt int64
	Bearer   string

Token represents an Apple Provider Authentication Token (JSON Web Token).

func (*Token) Expired

func (t *Token) Expired() bool

Expired checks to see if the token has expired.

func (*Token) Generate

func (t *Token) Generate() (bool, error)

Generate creates a new token.

func (*Token) GenerateIfExpired

func (t *Token) GenerateIfExpired() (bearer string)

GenerateIfExpired checks to see if the token is about to expire and generates a new token.

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