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var (
	Contacts = map[string]Contact{}


func LoadContacts

func LoadContacts(contactsYaml *yamlContacts)

LoadContacts reads a YAML contacts file

func UpdateProfileKey added in v1.3.2

func UpdateProfileKey(src string, profileKey []byte) error

func WriteContacts

func WriteContacts(filename string, contacts []Contact) error

WriteContacts saves a list of contacts to a file

func WriteContactsToPath

func WriteContactsToPath() error

WriteContactsToPath saves a list of contacts to a file at the standard location


type Contact

type Contact struct {
	UUID          string
	Tel           string
	ProfileKey    []byte
	IdentityKey   []byte
	Name          string
	Username      string
	Avatar        []byte
	Color         string
	Blocked       bool
	Verified      *signalservice.Verified
	ExpireTimer   uint32
	InboxPosition uint32
	Archived      bool
	Certificate   []byte

Contact contains information about a contact.

func GetContact added in v1.3.8

func GetContact(uuid string) Contact

func ReadContacts

func ReadContacts(fileName string) ([]Contact, error)

ReadContacts loads the contacts yaml file and pareses it

func (*Contact) GetProfileKey added in v1.3.8

func (c *Contact) GetProfileKey() []byte

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