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type TagReplace

type TagReplace struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TagReplace does regex search and replace in span Names and puts resultant in tags. This modifies the objects parsed, so in a concurrent context, you will want to copy the objects sent here first

func New

func New(ruleStrings []string, exitEarly bool, next sink) (*TagReplace, error)

New returns you a new TagReplace object

func (*TagReplace) AddDatapoints

func (t *TagReplace) AddDatapoints(ctx context.Context, points []*datapoint.Datapoint) error

AddDatapoints is a passthrough

func (*TagReplace) AddEvents

func (t *TagReplace) AddEvents(ctx context.Context, events []*event.Event) error

AddEvents is a passthrough

func (*TagReplace) AddSpans

func (t *TagReplace) AddSpans(ctx context.Context, spans []*trace.Span) error

AddSpans maps all rules to all spans and does the replacements, this can be VERY expensive, and modifies the spans if exitEarly is true, will only apply the first rule that matches

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