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type EventCounter

type EventCounter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EventCounter is used to track events over time, potentially allowing you to limit them per time period

func New

func New(now time.Time, duration time.Duration) EventCounter

New returns a new EventCounter object that resets event counts per duration.

func (*EventCounter) Event

func (a *EventCounter) Event(now time.Time) int64

Event returns the number of events in the time period now. Note, now should be >= the last event threshold. Also, we avoid any loops with compare and swap atomics because we're ok being off a few items as long as we're generally accurate and fast.

func (*EventCounter) Events

func (a *EventCounter) Events(now time.Time, count int64) int64

Events behaves just like Event() but acts on multiple events at once to reduce the number of atomic increment calls

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