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func FreeTCPPort

func FreeTCPPort() uint16

FreeTCPPort returns a TCP port that is free on "localhost", or panics if it cannot find a port

func TCPPort

func TCPPort(l NetworkListener) uint16

TCPPort of the listener address. If the listener isn't TCP, this may panic()


type NetworkListener

type NetworkListener interface {
	Addr() net.Addr

A NetworkListener is a listener that looks for data on a network address. It is sometimes useful in testing to get this address so you can talk to it directly.

type TrackingDialer

type TrackingDialer struct {
	Dialer net.Dialer
	Conns  []net.Conn

TrackingDialer remembers connections it's made and allows users to close them

func (*TrackingDialer) Close

func (t *TrackingDialer) Close() error

Close all stored connections. Returns an error on the first close that fails

func (*TrackingDialer) DialTimeout

func (t *TrackingDialer) DialTimeout(network, address string, timeout time.Duration) (net.Conn, error)

DialTimeout simulates net.DialTimeout

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