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func Start

func Start(opts ...StartOption)

Start tracing globally

func Stop

func Stop()

Stop tracing globally


type StartOption

type StartOption = func(*config)

StartOption is a function that configures an option for Start

func WithAccessToken

func WithAccessToken(accessToken string) StartOption

WithAccessToken configures the SignalFx access token to use when reporting

func WithEndpointURL

func WithEndpointURL(url string) StartOption

WithEndpointURL configures the URL to send traces to

func WithGlobalTag added in v1.2.0

func WithGlobalTag(k string, v string) StartOption

WithGlobalTag sets a tag with the given key/value on all spans created by the tracer. This option may be used multiple times. Note: Since the underlying transport is Zipkin, only values with strings are accepted.

func WithRecordedValueMaxLength added in v1.4.0

func WithRecordedValueMaxLength(l int) StartOption

WithRecordedValueMaxLength specifies the maximum length a tag/log value can have. Values are completely truncated when set to 0. Ignored when set to -1.

func WithServiceName

func WithServiceName(serviceName string) StartOption

WithServiceName changes the reported service name

func WithoutLibraryTags added in v1.2.0

func WithoutLibraryTags() StartOption

WithoutLibraryTags prevents the tracer from injecting tracing library metadata as span tags.

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