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Go client library for the Signal Sciences API.


go get


email := "[sigsci email]"
password := "[sigsci password]"
sc, err := sigsci.NewClient(email, password)
if err != nil {

Full example

package main

import (

        sigsci ""

func main() {
        email := "[sigsci email]"
        password := "[sigsci password]"
        sc, err := sigsci.NewClient(email, password)
        if err != nil {

        agents, err := sc.ListAgents("testcorp", "")
        if err != nil {




Package sigsci provides methods for interacting with the Signal Sciences API.




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const (
	RoleNoAccess = Role("none")
	RoleUnknown  = Role("unknown")
	RoleOwner    = Role("owner")
	RoleAdmin    = Role("admin")
	RoleUser     = Role("user")
	RoleObserver = Role("observer")

	// Deprecated corp/site roles
	RoleSiteNoAccess = Role("none")
	RoleSiteUnknown  = Role("unknown")
	RoleSiteOwner    = Role("owner")
	RoleSiteAdmin    = Role("admin")
	RoleSiteUser     = Role("user")
	RoleSiteObserver = Role("observer")
	RoleCorpOwner    = Role("corpOwner")
	RoleCorpUser     = Role("corpUser")

All available Roles


This section is empty.


func SetAPIUrl added in v0.1.4

func SetAPIUrl(theURL string)

SetAPIUrl allows developer to point to a different endpoint in special circumstances (e.g. during testing)


type Action added in v0.1.1

type Action struct {
	Type         string `json:"type,omitempty"` //(block, allow, exclude)
	Signal       string `json:"signal,omitempty"`
	ResponseCode int    `json:"responseCode,omitempty"` //(400-499)

Action contains the rule action

type ActivityEvent

type ActivityEvent struct {
	ID          string
	EventType   string
	MsgData     map[string]string
	Message     string
	Attachments []struct{}
	Created     time.Time

ActivityEvent contains the data for activity page responses.

type Agent

type Agent struct {
	AgentActive                 bool      `json:""`
	AgentAddr                   string    `json:"agent.addr"`
	AgentArgs                   string    `json:"agent.args"`
	AgentBuildID                string    `json:"agent.build_id"`
	AgentCGroup                 string    `json:"agent.cgroup"`
	AgentConnectionsDropped     int       `json:"agent.connections_dropped"`
	AgentConnectionsOpen        int       `json:"agent.connections_open"`
	AgentConnectionsTotal       int       `json:"agent.connections_total"`
	AgentCurrentRequests        int       `json:"agent.current_requests"`
	AgentDecisionTime50th       float64   `json:"agent.decision_time_50th"`
	AgentDecisionTime95th       float64   `json:"agent.decision_time_95th"`
	AgentDecisionTime99th       float64   `json:"agent.decision_time_99th"`
	AgentEnabled                bool      `json:"agent.enabled"`
	AgentLastRuleUpdate         time.Time `json:"agent.last_rule_update"`
	AgentLastSeen               time.Time `json:"agent.last_seen"`
	AgentLatencyTime50th        float64   `json:"agent.latency_time_50th"`
	AgentLatencyTime95th        float64   `json:"agent.latency_time_95th"`
	AgentLatencyTime99th        float64   `json:"agent.latency_time_99th"`
	AgentMaxProcs               int       `json:"agent.max_procs"`
	AgentName                   string    `json:""`
	AgentPID                    int       `json:""`
	AgentReadBytes              int       `json:"agent.read_bytes"`
	AgentRPCPostrequest         int       `json:"agent.rpc_postrequest"`
	AgentRPCPrerequest          int       `json:"agent.rpc_prerequest"`
	AgentRPCUpdaterequest       int       `json:"agent.rpc_updaterequest"`
	AgentRuleUpdates            int       `json:"agent.rule_updates"`
	AgentStatus                 string    `json:"agent.status"`
	AgentTimestamp              int       `json:"agent.timestamp"`
	AgentTimezone               string    `json:"agent.timezone"`
	AgentTimezoneOffset         int       `json:"agent.timezone_offset"`
	AgentUploadMetadataFailures int       `json:"agent.upload_metadata_failures"`
	AgentUploadSize             int       `json:"agent.upload_size"`
	AgentUptime                 int       `json:"agent.uptime"`
	AgentVersion                string    `json:"agent.version"`
	AgentVersionsBehind         int       `json:"agent.versions_behind"`
	AgentWriteBytes             int       `json:"agent.write_bytes"`
	HostAgentCPU                float64   `json:"host.agent_cpu"`
	HostArchitecture            string    `json:"host.architecture"`
	HostClockSkew               int       `json:"host.clock_skew"`
	HostCPU                     float64   `json:"host.cpu"`
	HostCPUMhz                  int       `json:"host.cpu_mhz"`
	HostInstanceType            string    `json:"host.instance_type"`
	HostNumCPU                  int       `json:"host.num_cpu"`
	HostOS                      string    `json:"host.os"`
	HostRemoteAddr              string    `json:"host.remote_addr"`
	ModuleDetected              bool      `json:"module.detected"`
	ModuleServer                string    `json:"module.server"`
	ModuleType                  string    `json:"module.type"`
	ModuleVersion               string    `json:"module.version"`
	ModuleVersionsBehind        int       `json:"module.versions_behind"`
	RuntimeGcPauseMillis        float64   `json:"runtime.gc_pause_millis"`
	RuntimeMemSize              int       `json:"mem_size"`
	RuntimeNumGc                int       `json:"num_gc"`
	RuntimeNumGoroutines        int       `json:"num_goroutines"`

Agent contains the data for an agent

type AgentLog

type AgentLog struct {
	Hostname  string    `json:"hostName"`
	LogLevel  string    `json:"logLevel"`
	Message   string    `json:"message"`
	CreatedAt time.Time `json:"createdAt"`

AgentLog is an agent log

type Alert added in v0.1.1

type Alert struct {
	ID        string     `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Type      string     `json:"type,omitempty"`
	TagName   string     `json:"tag_name,omitempty"`
	FieldName string     `json:"field_name,omitempty"`
	Created   *time.Time `json:"created,omitempty"`
	CreatedBy string     `json:"created_by,omitempty"`

Alert basic struct for an Alert

type AlertUpdateBody added in v0.1.1

type AlertUpdateBody struct {
	LongName             string `json:"longName"`
	Interval             int    `json:"interval"`  // 1, 10 or 60
	Threshold            int    `json:"threshold"` // greater than 0, max 10000
	SkipNotifications    bool   `json:"skipNotifications,omitempty"`
	Enabled              bool   `json:"enabled"`
	Action               string `json:"action"`
	BlockDurationSeconds int    `json:"blockDurationSeconds,omitempty"`

AlertUpdateBody body needed to update an alert

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is the API client

func NewClient

func NewClient(email, password string) (Client, error)

NewClient authenticates and returns a Client API client

func NewTokenClient

func NewTokenClient(email, token string) Client

NewTokenClient creates a Client using token authentication

func (*Client) AddBlacklistIP

func (sc *Client) AddBlacklistIP(corpName, siteName string, body ListIPBody) (ListIP, error)

AddBlacklistIP adds an IP address to the blacklist.

func (*Client) AddCorpIntegration added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) AddCorpIntegration(corpName string, body IntegrationBody) (Integration, error)

AddCorpIntegration adds an integration.

func (sc *Client) AddHeaderLink(corpName, siteName string, body HeaderLinkBody) ([]HeaderLink, error)

AddHeaderLink adds a header link.

func (*Client) AddIntegration

func (sc *Client) AddIntegration(corpName, siteName string, body IntegrationBody) ([]Integration, error)

AddIntegration adds an integration.

func (*Client) AddRedaction

func (sc *Client) AddRedaction(corpName, siteName string, body RedactionBody) ([]Redaction, error)

AddRedaction adds a redaction.

func (*Client) AddSiteMember

func (sc *Client) AddSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string) (SiteMemberResponse, error)

AddSiteMember adds an existing user to a site by email.

func (*Client) AddSiteMembers

func (sc *Client) AddSiteMembers(corpName, siteName string, body siteMembersBody) ([]SiteMember, error)

AddSiteMembers adds one or more existing users to a site.

func (*Client) AddWhitelistIP

func (sc *Client) AddWhitelistIP(corpName, siteName string, body ListIPBody) (ListIP, error)

AddWhitelistIP adds an IP address to the whitelist.

func (*Client) CreateCloudWAFInstance added in v0.1.5

func (sc *Client) CreateCloudWAFInstance(corpName string, body CloudWAFInstanceBody) (CloudWAFInstance, error)

CreateCloudWAFInstance adds a Cloud WAF instance.

func (*Client) CreateCorpList added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateCorpList(corpName string, body CreateListBody) (ResponseListBody, error)

CreateCorpList corp list

func (*Client) CreateCorpRule added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateCorpRule(corpName string, body CreateCorpRuleBody) (ResponseCorpRuleBody, error)

CreateCorpRule creates a rule and returns the response

func (*Client) CreateCorpSignalTag added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateCorpSignalTag(corpName string, body CreateSignalTagBody) (ResponseSignalTagBody, error)

CreateCorpSignalTag create signal tag

func (*Client) CreateCustomAlert

func (sc *Client) CreateCustomAlert(corpName, siteName string, body CustomAlertBody) (CustomAlert, error)

CreateCustomAlert creates a custom alert.

func (*Client) CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeployment added in v0.1.9

func (sc *Client) CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeployment(corpName, siteName string) error

CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeployment initializes the Next-Gen WAF deployment in Compute@Edge and configures the site for Edge Deployment.

func (*Client) CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeploymentService added in v0.1.9

func (sc *Client) CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeploymentService(corpName, siteName, fastlySID string, body CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeploymentServiceBody) error

CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeploymentService copies the backends from the Fastly service to the Edge Deployment and pre-configures the Fastly service with an edge dictionary and custom VCL.

func (*Client) CreateSite added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateSite(corpName string, body CreateSiteBody) (Site, error)

CreateSite Creates a site in a corp.

func (*Client) CreateSiteList added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateSiteList(corpName, siteName string, body CreateListBody) (ResponseListBody, error)

CreateSiteList Create a site list

func (*Client) CreateSiteRedaction added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateSiteRedaction(corpName, siteName string, body CreateSiteRedactionBody) (ResponseSiteRedactionBody, error)

CreateSiteRedaction Create a site list

func (*Client) CreateSiteRule added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateSiteRule(corpName, siteName string, body CreateSiteRuleBody) (ResponseSiteRuleBody, error)

CreateSiteRule creates a rule and returns the response

func (*Client) CreateSiteSignalTag added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) CreateSiteSignalTag(corpName, siteName string, body CreateSignalTagBody) (ResponseSignalTagBody, error)

CreateSiteSignalTag create signal tag

func (*Client) DeleteBlacklistIP

func (sc *Client) DeleteBlacklistIP(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteBlacklistIP deletes a blacklisted IP by id.

func (*Client) DeleteCloudWAFCertificate added in v0.1.6

func (sc *Client) DeleteCloudWAFCertificate(corpName, id string) error

DeleteCloudWAFCertificate deletes a Cloud WAF certificate by id.

func (*Client) DeleteCloudWAFInstance added in v0.1.5

func (sc *Client) DeleteCloudWAFInstance(corpName, id string) error

DeleteCloudWAFInstance deletes a Cloud WAF instance by id.

func (*Client) DeleteCorpIntegration added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteCorpIntegration(corpName, id string) error

DeleteCorpIntegration deletes a redaction by id.

func (*Client) DeleteCorpListByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteCorpListByID(corpName string, id string) error

DeleteCorpListByID deletes a rule and returns an error

func (*Client) DeleteCorpRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteCorpRuleByID(corpName, id string) error

DeleteCorpRuleByID deletes a rule and returns an error

func (*Client) DeleteCorpSignalTagByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteCorpSignalTagByID(corpName string, id string) error

DeleteCorpSignalTagByID delete signal tag by id

func (*Client) DeleteCorpUser

func (sc *Client) DeleteCorpUser(corpName, email string) error

DeleteCorpUser deletes a user from the given corp.

func (*Client) DeleteCustomAlert

func (sc *Client) DeleteCustomAlert(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteCustomAlert deletes a custom alert.

func (*Client) DeleteEdgeDeployment added in v0.1.9

func (sc *Client) DeleteEdgeDeployment(corpName, siteName string) error

DeleteEdgeDeployment deletes an edge deployment

func (sc *Client) DeleteHeaderLink(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteHeaderLink deletes a header link by id.

func (*Client) DeleteIntegration

func (sc *Client) DeleteIntegration(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteIntegration deletes a redaction by id.

func (*Client) DeleteRedaction

func (sc *Client) DeleteRedaction(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteRedaction deletes a redaction by id.

func (*Client) DeleteSite added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteSite(corpName, siteName string) error

DeleteSite deletes the site

func (*Client) DeleteSiteListByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteSiteListByID(corpName, siteName string, id string) error

DeleteSiteListByID deletes a rule and returns an error

func (*Client) DeleteSiteMember

func (sc *Client) DeleteSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string) error

DeleteSiteMember deletes a site member by email.

func (*Client) DeleteSiteMonitor added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteSiteMonitor Deletes the site monitor URL for a given site.

func (*Client) DeleteSiteRedactionByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteSiteRedactionByID(corpName, siteName string, id string) error

DeleteSiteRedactionByID deletes a redaction and returns an error

func (*Client) DeleteSiteRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteSiteRuleByID(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteSiteRuleByID deletes a rule and returns an error

func (*Client) DeleteSiteSignalTagByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) DeleteSiteSignalTagByID(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteSiteSignalTagByID delete signal tag by id

func (*Client) DeleteWhitelistIP

func (sc *Client) DeleteWhitelistIP(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteWhitelistIP deletes a whitelisted IP by id.

func (*Client) DetachEdgeDeploymentService added in v0.1.9

func (sc *Client) DetachEdgeDeploymentService(corpName, siteName, fastlySID string) error

DetachEdgeDeploymentService removes all backends from the Edge Deployment connected to the Fastly service and detaches the Fastly Service from the Edge Deployment.

func (*Client) ExpireEvent

func (sc *Client) ExpireEvent(corpName, siteName, id string) (Event, error)

ExpireEvent expires an event by ID.

func (*Client) GenerateSiteMonitor

func (sc *Client) GenerateSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName string) (SiteMonitor, error)

GenerateSiteMonitor generates a site monitor URL.

func (*Client) GenerateSiteMonitorDashboard added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GenerateSiteMonitorDashboard(corpName, siteName, dashboard string) (SiteMonitor, error)

GenerateSiteMonitorDashboard generates a site monitor URL for a dashboard.

func (*Client) GetAgent

func (sc *Client) GetAgent(corpName, siteName, agentName string) (Agent, error)

GetAgent gets an agent by name.

func (*Client) GetAgentLogs

func (sc *Client) GetAgentLogs(corpName, siteName, agentName string) ([]AgentLog, error)

GetAgentLogs gets agent logs for a given agent.

func (*Client) GetAllCorpLists added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetAllCorpLists(corpName string) (ResponseListBodyList, error)

GetAllCorpLists get all corp lists

func (*Client) GetAllCorpRules added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetAllCorpRules(corpName string) (ResponseCorpRuleBodyList, error)

GetAllCorpRules get all corp rules

func (*Client) GetAllCorpSignalTags added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetAllCorpSignalTags(corpName string) (ResponseSignalTagBodyList, error)

GetAllCorpSignalTags get all corp signals

func (*Client) GetAllSiteLists added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetAllSiteLists(corpName, siteName string) (ResponseListBodyList, error)

GetAllSiteLists get all site lists

func (*Client) GetAllSiteRedactions added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetAllSiteRedactions(corpName, siteName string) (ResponseSiteRedactionBodyList, error)

GetAllSiteRedactions Lists the Sites Redactions

func (*Client) GetAllSiteRules added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetAllSiteRules(corpName, siteName string) (ResponseSiteRuleBodyList, error)

GetAllSiteRules Lists the Site Rules

func (*Client) GetAllSiteSignalTags added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetAllSiteSignalTags(corpName, siteName string) (ResponseSignalTagBodyList, error)

GetAllSiteSignalTags get all site signals

func (*Client) GetCloudWAFCertificate added in v0.1.6

func (sc *Client) GetCloudWAFCertificate(corpName, id string) (CloudWAFCertificate, error)

GetCloudWAFCertificate gets a Cloud WAF certificate by id.

func (*Client) GetCloudWAFInstance added in v0.1.5

func (sc *Client) GetCloudWAFInstance(corpName, id string) (CloudWAFInstance, error)

GetCloudWAFInstance gets a Cloud WAF instance by id.

func (*Client) GetCorp

func (sc *Client) GetCorp(corpName string) (Corp, error)

GetCorp gets a corp by name.

func (*Client) GetCorpIntegration added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetCorpIntegration(corpName, id string) (Integration, error)

GetCorpIntegration gets an integration by id.

func (*Client) GetCorpListByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetCorpListByID(corpName string, id string) (ResponseListBody, error)

GetCorpListByID get corp list by ID

func (*Client) GetCorpRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetCorpRuleByID(corpName, id string) (ResponseCorpRuleBody, error)

GetCorpRuleByID get a site rule by id

func (*Client) GetCorpSignalTagByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetCorpSignalTagByID(corpName string, id string) (ResponseSignalTagBody, error)

GetCorpSignalTagByID get corp signal by id

func (*Client) GetCorpUser

func (sc *Client) GetCorpUser(corpName, email string) (CorpUser, error)

GetCorpUser gets a corp user by email.

func (*Client) GetCustomAlert

func (sc *Client) GetCustomAlert(corpName, siteName, id string) (CustomAlert, error)

GetCustomAlert gets a custom alert by ID

func (*Client) GetEvent

func (sc *Client) GetEvent(corpName, siteName, id string) (Event, error)

GetEvent gets an event by ID.

func (sc *Client) GetHeaderLink(corpName, siteName, id string) (HeaderLink, error)

GetHeaderLink gets a header link by id.

func (*Client) GetIntegration

func (sc *Client) GetIntegration(corpName, siteName, id string) (Integration, error)

GetIntegration gets an integration by id.

func (*Client) GetOverviewReport

func (sc *Client) GetOverviewReport(corpName string, query url.Values) ([]OverviewSite, error)

GetOverviewReport gets the overview report data for a given corp.

func (*Client) GetRedaction

func (sc *Client) GetRedaction(corpName, siteName, id string) (Redaction, error)

GetRedaction gets a redaction by id.

func (*Client) GetRequest

func (sc *Client) GetRequest(corpName, siteName, id string) (Request, error)

GetRequest gets a request by id.

func (*Client) GetRequestFeed

func (sc *Client) GetRequestFeed(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) (next string, requests []Request, err error)

GetRequestFeed gets the request feed for the site.

func (*Client) GetSite

func (sc *Client) GetSite(corpName, siteName string) (Site, error)

GetSite gets a site by name.

func (*Client) GetSiteListByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetSiteListByID(corpName, siteName string, id string) (ResponseListBody, error)

GetSiteListByID get site list by ID

func (*Client) GetSiteMember

func (sc *Client) GetSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string) (SiteMember, error)

GetSiteMember gets a site member by email.

func (*Client) GetSiteMonitor

func (sc *Client) GetSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName, email string) ([]SiteMonitor, error)

GetSiteMonitor gets the site monitor URL.

func (*Client) GetSitePrimaryAgentKey added in v0.1.2

func (sc *Client) GetSitePrimaryAgentKey(corpName, siteName string) (PrimaryAgentKey, error)

GetSitePrimaryAgentKey retrieve the primary agent keys

func (*Client) GetSiteRedactionByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetSiteRedactionByID(corpName, siteName, id string) (ResponseSiteRedactionBody, error)

GetSiteRedactionByID get a site redaction by id

func (*Client) GetSiteRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetSiteRuleByID(corpName, siteName, id string) (ResponseSiteRuleBody, error)

GetSiteRuleByID get a site rule by id

func (*Client) GetSiteSignalTagByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetSiteSignalTagByID(corpName, siteName, id string) (ResponseSignalTagBody, error)

GetSiteSignalTagByID get site signal by id

func (*Client) GetSiteTemplateRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) GetSiteTemplateRuleByID(corpName, siteName, id string) (SiteTemplate, error)

GetSiteTemplateRuleByID retrieves a site template rule

func (*Client) GetTimeseries

func (sc *Client) GetTimeseries(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) ([]Timeseries, error)

GetTimeseries gets timeseries request info.

func (*Client) InviteSiteMember

func (sc *Client) InviteSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string, body SiteMemberBody) (SiteMemberResponse, error)

InviteSiteMember invites a new user to a site by email.

func (*Client) InviteUser

func (sc *Client) InviteUser(corpName, email string, invite CorpUserInvite) (CorpUser, error)

InviteUser invites a user by email to a corp.

email :=
password := testcreds.token
sc, err := NewClient(email, password)
if err != nil {

invite := NewCorpUserInvite(RoleCorpUser, []SiteMembership{
	NewSiteMembership(, RoleSiteOwner),

_, err = sc.InviteUser(testcreds.corp, "", invite)
if err != nil {

func (*Client) ListAgents

func (sc *Client) ListAgents(corpName, siteName string) ([]Agent, error)

ListAgents lists agents for a given corp and site.

func (*Client) ListBlacklistIPs

func (sc *Client) ListBlacklistIPs(corpName, siteName string) ([]ListIP, error)

ListBlacklistIPs lists blacklisted IP addresses.

func (*Client) ListCloudWAFCertificates added in v0.1.6

func (sc *Client) ListCloudWAFCertificates(corpName string) ([]CloudWAFCertificate, error)

ListCloudWAFCertificates lists Cloud WAF certificates.

func (*Client) ListCloudWAFInstances added in v0.1.5

func (sc *Client) ListCloudWAFInstances(corpName string) ([]CloudWAFInstance, error)

ListCloudWAFInstances lists Cloud WAF instances.

func (*Client) ListCorpActivity

func (sc *Client) ListCorpActivity(corpName string, limit, page int) ([]ActivityEvent, error)

ListCorpActivity lists activity events for a given corp.

func (*Client) ListCorpUsers

func (sc *Client) ListCorpUsers(corpName string) ([]CorpUser, error)

ListCorpUsers lists corp users.

func (*Client) ListCorps

func (sc *Client) ListCorps() ([]Corp, error)

ListCorps lists corps.

func (*Client) ListCustomAlerts

func (sc *Client) ListCustomAlerts(corpName, siteName string) ([]CustomAlert, error)

ListCustomAlerts lists custom alerts for a given corp and site.

func (*Client) ListEvents

func (sc *Client) ListEvents(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) ([]Event, error)

ListEvents lists events for a given site.

func (sc *Client) ListHeaderLinks(corpName, siteName string) ([]HeaderLink, error)

ListHeaderLinks lists header links.

func (*Client) ListIntegrations

func (sc *Client) ListIntegrations(corpName, siteName string) ([]Integration, error)

ListIntegrations lists integrations.

func (*Client) ListParams

func (sc *Client) ListParams(corpName, siteName string) ([]Param, error)

ListParams lists whitelisted parameters.

func (*Client) ListPaths

func (sc *Client) ListPaths(corpName, siteName string) ([]Path, error)

ListPaths lists whitelisted paths.

func (*Client) ListRedactions

func (sc *Client) ListRedactions(corpName, siteName string) ([]Redaction, error)

ListRedactions lists redactions.

func (*Client) ListSiteActivity

func (sc *Client) ListSiteActivity(corpName, siteName string, limit, page int) ([]ActivityEvent, error)

ListSiteActivity lists activity events for a given site.

func (*Client) ListSiteMembers

func (sc *Client) ListSiteMembers(corpName, siteName string) ([]SiteMember, error)

ListSiteMembers lists site members.

func (*Client) ListSites

func (sc *Client) ListSites(corpName string) ([]Site, error)

ListSites lists sites for a given corp.

func (*Client) ListSuspiciousIPs

func (sc *Client) ListSuspiciousIPs(corpName, siteName string) ([]SuspiciousIP, error)

ListSuspiciousIPs lists suspicious IPs.

func (*Client) ListTopAttacks

func (sc *Client) ListTopAttacks(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) ([]TopAttack, error)

ListTopAttacks lists top attacks.

func (*Client) ListWhitelistIPs

func (sc *Client) ListWhitelistIPs(corpName, siteName string) ([]ListIP, error)

ListWhitelistIPs lists whitelisted IP addresses.

func (*Client) RestartCloudWAFInstance added in v0.1.5

func (sc *Client) RestartCloudWAFInstance(corpName, id string) error

RestartCloudWAFInstance restarts a Cloud WAF instance by id.

func (*Client) SearchRequests

func (sc *Client) SearchRequests(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) (totalCount int, next string, requests []Request, err error)

SearchRequests searches requests.

func (*Client) SetFastlyKey added in v0.1.9

func (c *Client) SetFastlyKey(fastlyKey string)

func (*Client) UpdateCloudWAFCertificate added in v0.1.6

func (sc *Client) UpdateCloudWAFCertificate(corpName, id string, body UpdateCloudWAFCertificateBody) (CloudWAFCertificate, error)

UpdateCloudWAFCertificate updates a Cloud WAF certificate by id.

func (*Client) UpdateCloudWAFInstance added in v0.1.5

func (sc *Client) UpdateCloudWAFInstance(corpName, id string, body CloudWAFInstanceBody) error

UpdateCloudWAFInstance updates a Cloud WAF instance by id.

func (*Client) UpdateCorp

func (sc *Client) UpdateCorp(corpName string, body UpdateCorpBody) (Corp, error)

UpdateCorp updates a corp by name.

func (*Client) UpdateCorpIntegration added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateCorpIntegration(corpName, id string, body UpdateIntegrationBody) error

UpdateCorpIntegration updates an integration by id.

func (*Client) UpdateCorpListByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateCorpListByID(corpName string, id string, body UpdateListBody) (ResponseListBody, error)

UpdateCorpListByID updates a corp list

func (*Client) UpdateCorpRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateCorpRuleByID(corpName, id string, body CreateCorpRuleBody) (ResponseCorpRuleBody, error)

UpdateCorpRuleByID updates a rule and returns a response

func (*Client) UpdateCorpSignalTagByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateCorpSignalTagByID(corpName string, id string, body UpdateSignalTagBody) (ResponseSignalTagBody, error)

UpdateCorpSignalTagByID update corp signal

func (*Client) UpdateCustomAlert

func (sc *Client) UpdateCustomAlert(corpName, siteName, id string, body CustomAlertBody) (CustomAlert, error)

UpdateCustomAlert updates a custom alert by id.

func (*Client) UpdateEdgeDeploymentBackends added in v0.1.9

func (sc *Client) UpdateEdgeDeploymentBackends(corpName, siteName, fastlySID string) error

UpdateEdgeDeploymentBackends checks if any changes were made to the Fastly service's backends and updates the Edge Deployment if necessary.

func (*Client) UpdateIntegration

func (sc *Client) UpdateIntegration(corpName, siteName, id string, body UpdateIntegrationBody) error

UpdateIntegration updates an integration by id.

func (*Client) UpdateRedaction

func (sc *Client) UpdateRedaction(corpName, siteName, id string, body UpdateRedactionBody) (Redaction, error)

UpdateRedaction updates a redaction by id.

func (*Client) UpdateSite

func (sc *Client) UpdateSite(corpName, siteName string, body UpdateSiteBody) (Site, error)

UpdateSite updates a site by name.

func (*Client) UpdateSiteListByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateSiteListByID(corpName, siteName string, id string, body UpdateListBody) (ResponseListBody, error)

UpdateSiteListByID updates a site list and returns a response

func (*Client) UpdateSiteMonitor added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName, id string, body UpdateSiteMonitorBody) error

UpdateSiteMonitor updates a monitor in place

func (*Client) UpdateSiteRedactionByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateSiteRedactionByID(corpName, siteName string, id string, body CreateSiteRedactionBody) (ResponseSiteRedactionBody, error)

UpdateSiteRedactionByID updates a site redaction and returns a response

func (*Client) UpdateSiteRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateSiteRuleByID(corpName, siteName, id string, body CreateSiteRuleBody) (ResponseSiteRuleBody, error)

UpdateSiteRuleByID updates a rule and returns a response

func (*Client) UpdateSiteSignalTagByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateSiteSignalTagByID(corpName, siteName, id string, body UpdateSignalTagBody) (ResponseSignalTagBody, error)

UpdateSiteSignalTagByID update site signal

func (*Client) UpdateSiteTemplateRuleByID added in v0.1.1

func (sc *Client) UpdateSiteTemplateRuleByID(corpName, siteName, id string, body SiteTemplateRuleBody) (SiteTemplate, error)

UpdateSiteTemplateRuleByID updates a site template rule

func (*Client) UploadCloudWAFCertificate added in v0.1.6

func (sc *Client) UploadCloudWAFCertificate(corpName string, body UploadCloudWAFCertificateBody) (ResponseCloudWAFCertificateBody, error)

UploadCloudWAFCertificate uploads a Cloud WAF certificate and private key.

type ClientIPRules added in v0.1.13

type ClientIPRules []struct {
	Header string `json:"header"`

type ClientIdentifier added in v0.1.5

type ClientIdentifier struct {
	Key  string `json:"key,omitempty"`
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Type string `json:"type"`

ClientIdentifier contains the client identifier fields for site rules of type rate_limit

type CloudWAFCertificate added in v0.1.6

type CloudWAFCertificate struct {
	ID                      string
	CommonName              string
	SubjectAlternativeNames []string
	Domains                 []string
	Fingerprint             string
	ExpiresAt               string
	Status                  string
	CreatedBy               string
	Created                 string
	UpdatedBy               string
	UpdatedAt               string

type CloudWAFCertificateBase added in v0.1.6

type CloudWAFCertificateBase struct {
	Name             string `json:"name"`
	CertificateBody  string `json:"certificateBody"`
	CertificateChain string `json:"certificateChain"`

CloudWAFCertificate contains the data for a Cloud WAF Certificate read API call.

type CloudWAFInstance added in v0.1.5

type CloudWAFInstance struct {
	ID         string                     `json:"id"`
	Deployment CloudWAFInstanceDeployment `json:"deployment"`
	CreatedBy  string                     `json:"createdBy"`
	Created    string                     `json:"created"`
	UpdatedBy  string                     `json:"updatedBy"`

CloudWAFInstance contains the data for a Cloud WAF Instance read API call.

type CloudWAFInstanceBody added in v0.1.5

type CloudWAFInstanceBody struct {
	Name                    string                            `json:"name"`
	Description             string                            `json:"description"`
	Region                  string                            `json:"region"`
	TLSMinVersion           string                            `json:"tlsMinVersion"`
	UseUploadedCertificates bool                              `json:"useUploadedCertificates"`
	WorkspaceConfigs        []CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceConfig `json:"workspaceConfigs"`

CloudWAFInstanceBody is the body for adding or updating a Cloud WAF instance.

type CloudWAFInstanceDeployment added in v0.1.5

type CloudWAFInstanceDeployment struct {
	Status    string                     `json:"status"`
	Message   string                     `json:"message"`
	EgressIPs []CloudWAFInstanceEgressIP `json:"egressIPs"`
	DNSEntry  string                     `json:"dnsEntry"`

CloudWAFInstanceDeployment contains the data for a Cloud WAF instance eeployment.

type CloudWAFInstanceEgressIP added in v0.1.5

type CloudWAFInstanceEgressIP struct {
	IP        string `json:"ip"`
	Status    string `json:"status"`
	UpdatedAt string `json:"updatedAt"`

CloudWAFInstanceEgressIP contains the data for a Cloud WAF instance egress IP.

type CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceConfig added in v0.1.5

type CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceConfig struct {
	SiteName          string                           `json:"siteName"`
	InstanceLocation  string                           `json:"instanceLocation"`
	ClientIPHeader    string                           `json:"clientIPHeader"`
	ListenerProtocols []string                         `json:"listenerProtocols"`
	Routes            []CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceRoute `json:"routes"`

CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceConfig contains the data for a Cloud WAF instance workspace config.

type CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceRoute added in v0.1.5

type CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceRoute struct {
	// ID is the route's ID after being created. It should not be populated during
	// create but should be populated during update.
	ID                    string   `json:"id"`
	CertificateIDs        []string `json:"certificateIds"`
	Origin                string   `json:"origin"`
	Domains               []string `json:"domains"`
	ConnectionPooling     bool     `json:"connectionPooling"`
	PassHostHeader        bool     `json:"passHostHeader"`
	TLSHostOverride       bool     `json:"tlsHostOverride"`
	TLSInsecureSkipVerify bool     `json:"tlsInsecureSkipVerify"`
	TrustProxyHeaders     bool     `json:"trustProxyHeaders"`

CloudWAFInstanceWorkspaceRoute contains the data for a Cloud WAF instance workspace route.

type Condition added in v0.1.1

type Condition struct {
	Type          string      `json:"type,omitempty"`          //(group, single)
	GroupOperator string      `json:"groupOperator,omitempty"` //type: group - Conditions that must be matched when evaluating the request (all, any)
	Field         string      `json:"field,omitempty"`         //type: single - (scheme, method, path, useragent, domain, ip, responseCode, agentname, paramname, paramvalue, country, name, valueString, valueIp, signalType)
	Operator      string      `json:"operator,omitempty"`      //type: single - (equals, doesNotEqual, contains, doesNotContain, like, notLike, exists, doesNotExist, inList, notInList)
	Value         string      `json:"value,omitempty"`         //type: single - See request fields (
	Conditions    []Condition `json:"conditions,omitempty"`

Condition contains rule condition

type ConfiguredDetectionField added in v0.1.1

type ConfiguredDetectionField struct {
	Name  string      `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Value interface{} `json:"value"`

ConfiguredDetectionField configuration for detection field in UpdateDetectionBody

type Corp

type Corp struct {
	Name                   string
	DisplayName            string
	SmallIconURI           string
	Created                time.Time
	SiteLimit              int
	Sites                  map[string]string
	AuthType               string
	MFAEnforced            bool
	SessionMaxAgeDashboard int

Corp contains details for a corp.

type CorpUser

type CorpUser struct {
	Name        string
	Email       string
	Memberships map[string]string
	Role        string
	Status      string
	MFAEnabled  bool
	AuthStatus  string
	Created     time.Time

CorpUser contains details for a corp user.

type CorpUserInvite

type CorpUserInvite struct {
	Role        Role              `json:"role"`
	Memberships inviteMemberships `json:"memberships"`

CorpUserInvite is the request struct for inviting a user to a corp.

func NewCorpUserInvite

func NewCorpUserInvite(corpRole Role, memberships []SiteMembership) CorpUserInvite

NewCorpUserInvite creates a new invitation struct for inviting a user to a corp.

type CreateCorpRuleBody added in v0.1.1

type CreateCorpRuleBody struct {
	SiteNames     []string    `json:"siteNames,omitempty"` //Sites with the rule available. Rules with a global corpScope will return '[]'.
	Type          string      `json:"type,omitempty"`      //(request, signal)
	CorpScope     string      `json:"corpScope,omitempty"` //Whether the rule is applied to all sites or to specific sites. (global, specificSites)
	Enabled       bool        `json:"enabled,omitempty"`
	GroupOperator string      `json:"groupOperator,omitempty"` //type: group - Conditions that must be matched when evaluating the request (all, any)
	Signal        string      `json:"signal,omitempty"`        //The signal id of the signal being excluded
	Reason        string      `json:"reason,omitempty"`        //Description of the rule
	Expiration    string      `json:"expiration,omitempty"`    //Date the rule will automatically be disabled. If rule is always enabled, will return empty string
	Conditions    []Condition `json:"conditions,omitempty"`
	Actions       []Action    `json:"actions,omitempty"`

CreateCorpRuleBody contains the rule of a Corp

type CreateListBody added in v0.1.1

type CreateListBody struct {
	Name        string   `json:"name,omitempty"`        //Descriptive list name
	Type        string   `json:"type,omitempty"`        //List types (string, ip, country, wildcard, signal)
	Description string   `json:"description,omitempty"` //Optional list description
	Entries     []string `json:"entries,omitempty"`     //List entries

CreateListBody Create List Request

type CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeploymentServiceBody added in v0.1.14

type CreateOrUpdateEdgeDeploymentServiceBody struct {
	ActivateVersion *bool `json:"activateVersion,omitempty"` //Activate Fastly VCL service after clone
	PercentEnabled  int   `json:"percentEnabled,omitempty"`  //Percentage of traffic to send to NGWAF@Edge

type CreateSignalTagBody added in v0.1.1

type CreateSignalTagBody struct {
	ShortName   string `json:"shortName,omitempty"`   //The display name of the signal tag
	Description string `json:"description,omitempty"` //Optional signal tag description

CreateSignalTagBody create a signal tag

type CreateSiteBody added in v0.1.1

type CreateSiteBody struct {
	Name                 string        `json:"name,omitempty"`                 //Identifying name of the site
	DisplayName          string        `json:"displayName,omitempty"`          //Display name of the site
	AgentLevel           string        `json:"agentLevel,omitempty"`           //Agent action level - 'block', 'log' or 'off'
	AgentAnonMode        string        `json:"agentAnonMode"`                  //Agent IP anonymization mode - 'EU' or ”
	BlockHTTPCode        int           `json:"blockHTTPCode,omitempty"`        //HTTP response code to send when traffic is being blocked
	BlockDurationSeconds int           `json:"blockDurationSeconds,omitempty"` //Duration to block an IP in seconds
	ClientIPRules        ClientIPRules `json:"clientIPRules"`                  //The specified header to assign client IPs to requests.

CreateSiteBody is the structure required to create a Site.

type CreateSiteRedactionBody added in v0.1.1

type CreateSiteRedactionBody struct {
	Field         string `json:"field,omitempty"` //Field name
	RedactionType int    `json:"redactionType"`   //Type of redaction (0: Request Parameter, 1: Request Header, 2: Response Header)

CreateSiteRedactionBody Create redaction Request

type CreateSiteRuleBody added in v0.1.1

type CreateSiteRuleBody struct {
	Type           string      `json:"type,omitempty"`          //(signal, request, rateLimit)
	GroupOperator  string      `json:"groupOperator,omitempty"` //type: group - Conditions that must be matched when evaluating the request (all, any)
	Enabled        bool        `json:"enabled,omitempty"`
	Reason         string      `json:"reason,omitempty"`     //Description of the rule
	Signal         string      `json:"signal,omitempty"`     //The signal id of the signal being excluded. Null unless type==request
	Expiration     string      `json:"expiration,omitempty"` //Date the rule will automatically be disabled. If rule is always enabled, will return empty string
	Conditions     []Condition `json:"conditions,omitempty"`
	Actions        []Action    `json:"actions,omitempty"`
	RateLimit      *RateLimit  `json:"rateLimit,omitempty"` //Null unless type==rateLimit
	RequestLogging string      `json:"requestlogging,omitempty"`

CreateSiteRuleBody contains the rule for the site

type CustomAlert

type CustomAlert struct {
	ID                   string    `json:"id,omitempty"` //Site-specific unique ID of the alert
	SiteID               string    `json:"siteID,omitempty"`
	TagName              string    `json:"tagName,omitempty"`              //The name of the tag whose occurrences the alert is watching. Must match an existing tag
	LongName             string    `json:"longName,omitempty"`             //A human readable description of the alert. Must be between 3 and 25 characters.
	Interval             int       `json:"interval"`                       //The number of minutes of past traffic to examine. Must be 1, 10 or 60.
	Threshold            int       `json:"threshold"`                      //The number of occurrences of the tag in the interval needed to trigger the alert.
	BlockDurationSeconds int       `json:"blockDurationSeconds,omitempty"` //The number of seconds this alert is active. empty means default value
	Enabled              bool      `json:"enabled"`                        //A flag to toggle this alert.
	Action               string    `json:"action,omitempty"`               //A flag that describes what happens when the alert is triggered. 'info' creates an incident in the dashboard. 'flagged' creates an incident and blocks traffic for 24 hours.
	Type                 string    `json:"type,omitempty"`                 //Type of alert (siteAlert, template, rateLimit, siteMetric)
	SkipNotifications    bool      `json:"skipNotifications"`              //A flag to disable external notifications - slack, webhooks, emails, etc.
	FieldName            string    `json:"fieldName,omitempty"`
	CreatedBy            string    `json:"createdBy,omitempty"` //The email of the user that created the alert
	Created              time.Time `json:"created,omitempty"`   //RFC3339 date time
	Operator             string    `json:"operator,omitempty"`

CustomAlert is the body for creating a custom alert.

type CustomAlertBody

type CustomAlertBody struct {
	TagName              string `json:"tagName"`
	LongName             string `json:"longName"`
	Interval             int    `json:"interval"`
	Threshold            int    `json:"threshold"`
	Enabled              bool   `json:"enabled"`
	Action               string `json:"action"`
	SkipNotifications    bool   `json:"skipNotifications"`
	BlockDurationSeconds int    `json:"blockDurationSeconds,omitempty"`

CustomAlertBody is the body for creating a custom alert.

type Detection added in v0.1.1

type Detection struct {
	Created   *time.Time `json:"created,omitempty"`
	CreatedBy string     `json:"created_by,omitempty"`

Detection basic struct for Detection

type DetectionUpdateBody added in v0.1.1

type DetectionUpdateBody struct {
	ID      string                     `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Name    string                     `json:"name"` // name of template
	Enabled bool                       `json:"enabled"`
	Fields  []ConfiguredDetectionField `json:"fields"`

DetectionUpdateBody body to update a detection

type Entries added in v0.1.1

type Entries struct {
	Additions []string `json:"additions,omitempty"` //List additions
	Deletions []string `json:"deletions,omitempty"` // List deletions

Entries List entries

type Event

type Event struct {
	ID                string
	Timestamp         time.Time
	Source            string
	RemoteCountryCode string
	RemoteHostname    string
	UserAgents        []string
	Action            string
	Type              string
	Reasons           map[string]int
	RequestCount      int
	TagCount          int
	Window            int
	Expires           time.Time
	ExpiredBy         string

Event is a request event.

type HeaderLink struct {
	ID        string
	Type      string
	Name      string
	LinkName  string
	Link      string
	CreatedBy string
	Created   time.Time

HeaderLink contains the data for a response or request header link

type HeaderLinkBody

type HeaderLinkBody struct {
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	Name     string `json:"name"`
	LinkName string `json:"linkName"`
	Link     string `json:"link"`

HeaderLinkBody is the body for creating a header link.

type Integration

type Integration struct {
	ID        string
	Name      string
	Type      string
	URL       string
	Events    []string
	Active    bool
	Note      string
	CreatedBy string
	Created   time.Time

Integration contains the data for an integration

type IntegrationBody

type IntegrationBody struct {
	URL    string   `json:"url"`
	Type   string   `json:"type"`
	Events []string `json:"events"`

IntegrationBody is the body for adding an integration.

type ListIP

type ListIP struct {
	ID        string
	Source    string
	Expires   time.Time `json:"omitempty"`
	Note      string
	CreatedBy string
	Created   time.Time

ListIP is a whitelisted or blacklisted IP address.

type ListIPBody

type ListIPBody struct {
	Source  string    `json:"source"`
	Note    string    `json:"note"`
	Expires time.Time `json:"expires,omitempty"`

ListIPBody is the body for adding an IP to the whitelist or blacklist.

func (ListIPBody) MarshalJSON

func (b ListIPBody) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON is a custom JSON marshal method for ListIPBody so that Expires can be formatted as RFC3339

type OverviewSite

type OverviewSite struct {
	Name             string
	DisplayName      string
	TotalCount       int
	BlockedCount     int
	FlaggedCount     int
	AttackCount      int
	FlaggedIPCount   int
	TopAttackTypes   []topAttackType
	TopAttackSources []topAttackSource

OverviewSite is a site in the overview report.

type Param

type Param struct {
	ID        string
	Name      string
	Type      string
	Note      string
	CreatedBy string
	Created   time.Time

Param is a whitelisted parameter.

type Path

type Path struct {
	ID        string
	Path      string
	Note      string
	CreatedBy string
	Created   time.Time

Path is a whitelisted path.

type PrimaryAgentKey added in v0.1.2

type PrimaryAgentKey struct {
	Name      string
	AccessKey string
	SecretKey string

PrimaryAgentKey contains the secret and access keys used by the agents

type RateLimit added in v0.1.1

type RateLimit struct {
	Threshold         int                `json:"threshold"`
	Interval          int                `json:"interval"` // interval in minutes, 1 or 10
	Duration          int                `json:"duration"` // duration in seconds
	ClientIdentifiers []ClientIdentifier `json:"clientIdentifiers"`

RateLimit holds all the data that is specific to rate limit rules

type Redaction

type Redaction struct {
	ID            string
	Field         string
	RedactionType int
	CreatedBy     string
	Created       time.Time

Redaction contains the data for a privacy redaction

type RedactionBody

type RedactionBody struct {
	Field         string `json:"field"`
	RedactionType int    `json:"redactionType"`

RedactionBody is the body for adding a redaction. Type of redaction (0: Request Parameter, 1: Request Header, 2: Response Header)

type Request

type Request struct {
	ID                string       `json:"id"`
	ServerHostname    string       `json:"serverHostname"`
	RemoteIP          string       `json:"remoteIP"`
	RemoteHostname    string       `json:"remoteHostname"`
	RemoteCountryCode string       `json:"remoteCountryCode"`
	UserAgent         string       `json:"userAgent"`
	Timestamp         time.Time    `json:"timestamp"`
	Method            string       `json:"method"`
	ServerName        string       `json:"serverName"`
	Protocol          string       `json:"protocol"`
	TLSProtocol       string       `json:"tlsProtocol"`
	TLSCipher         string       `json:"tlsCipher"`
	Scheme            string       `json:"scheme"`
	HeadersIn         [][]string   `json:"headersIn"`
	Path              string       `json:"path"`
	URI               string       `json:"uri"`
	ResponseCode      int          `json:"responseCode"`
	ResponseSize      int          `json:"responseSize"`
	ResponseMillis    int          `json:"responseMillis"`
	HeadersOut        [][]string   `json:"headersOut"`
	AgentResponseCode int          `json:"agentResponseCode"`
	Tags              []RequestTag `json:"tags"`

Request contains the data for a request

type RequestTag

type RequestTag struct {
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	Location string `json:"location"`
	Value    string `json:"value"`
	Detector string `json:"detector"`

RequestTag is a tag in a request

type ResponseCloudWAFCertificateBody added in v0.1.6

type ResponseCloudWAFCertificateBody struct {
	ID string `json:"id"`

type ResponseCorpRuleBody added in v0.1.1

type ResponseCorpRuleBody struct {
	ID        string    `json:"id"`
	CreatedBy string    `json:"createdby"` //Email address of the user that created the item
	Created   time.Time `json:"created"`   //Created RFC3339 date time
	Updated   time.Time `json:"updated"`   //Last updated RFC3339 date time

ResponseCorpRuleBody contains the response from creating the rule

type ResponseCorpRuleBodyList added in v0.1.1

type ResponseCorpRuleBodyList struct {
	TotalCount int                    `json:"totalCount"`
	Data       []ResponseCorpRuleBody `json:"data"` //ResponseCorpRuleBody

ResponseCorpRuleBodyList list

type ResponseListBody added in v0.1.1

type ResponseListBody struct {
	ID        string    `json:"id"`        //internal ID
	CreatedBy string    `json:"createdby"` //Email address of the user that created the item
	Created   time.Time `json:"created"`   //Created RFC3339 date time
	Updated   time.Time `json:"updated"`   //Last updated RFC3339 date time

ResponseListBody contains the response from creating the list

type ResponseListBodyList added in v0.1.1

type ResponseListBodyList struct {
	// TotalCount int                `json:"totalCount"`
	Data []ResponseListBody `json:"data"` //Site List data

ResponseListBodyList contains the returned list

type ResponseSignalTagBody added in v0.1.1

type ResponseSignalTagBody struct {
	TagName       string    `json:"tagName,omitempty"`  //The identifier for the signal tag
	LongName      string    `json:"longName,omitempty"` //The display name of the signal tag - deprecated
	Configurable  bool      `json:"configurable,omitempty"`
	Informational bool      `json:"informational,omitempty"`
	NeedsResponse bool      `json:"needsResponse,omitempty"`
	CreatedBy     string    `json:"createdBy,omitempty"` //Email address of the user that created the resource
	Created       time.Time `json:"created,omitempty"`   //Created RFC3339 date time

ResponseSignalTagBody response singnal tag

type ResponseSignalTagBodyList added in v0.1.1

type ResponseSignalTagBodyList struct {
	Data []ResponseSignalTagBody `json:"data"` //ResponseSignalTagBody

ResponseSignalTagBodyList response list

type ResponseSiteRedactionBody added in v0.1.1

type ResponseSiteRedactionBody struct {
	ID        string    `json:"id"`        //internal ID
	CreatedBy string    `json:"createdby"` //Email address of the user that created the item
	Created   time.Time `json:"created"`   //Created RFC3339 date time
	Updated   time.Time `json:"updated"`   //Last updated RFC3339 date time

ResponseSiteRedactionBody redaction response

type ResponseSiteRedactionBodyList added in v0.1.1

type ResponseSiteRedactionBodyList struct {
	// TotalCount int                    `json:"totalCount"`
	Data []ResponseSiteRedactionBody `json:"data"` //Site Redaction data

ResponseSiteRedactionBodyList redaction response list

type ResponseSiteRuleBody added in v0.1.1

type ResponseSiteRuleBody struct {
	ID        string    `json:"id"`        //internal ID
	CreatedBy string    `json:"createdby"` //Email address of the user that created the item
	Created   time.Time `json:"created"`   //Created RFC3339 date time
	Updated   time.Time `json:"updated"`   //Last updated RFC3339 date time

ResponseSiteRuleBody contains the response from creating the rule

type ResponseSiteRuleBodyList added in v0.1.1

type ResponseSiteRuleBodyList struct {
	TotalCount int                    `json:"totalCount"`
	Data       []ResponseSiteRuleBody `json:"data"`

ResponseSiteRuleBodyList contains the returned rules

type Role

type Role string

Role is a corp or site role

type Site

type Site struct {
	Name                 string
	DisplayName          string
	AgentLevel           string
	BlockHTTPCode        int
	BlockDurationSeconds int
	Created              time.Time
	Whitelist            map[string]string
	Blacklist            map[string]string
	Events               map[string]string
	Requests             map[string]string
	Redactions           map[string]string
	SuspiciousIPs        map[string]string
	Monitors             map[string]string
	Pathwhitelist        map[string]string
	Paramwhitelist       map[string]string
	Integrations         map[string]string
	HeaderLinks          map[string]string
	Agents               map[string]string
	Alerts               map[string]string
	AnalyticsEvents      map[string]string
	TopAttacks           map[string]string
	Members              map[string]string
	AgentAnonMode        string
	ClientIPRules        ClientIPRules

Site contains details for a site.

type SiteMember

type SiteMember struct {
	User SiteMemberUser
	Role Role

SiteMember contains the data for a site member

type SiteMemberBody

type SiteMemberBody struct {
	Role Role `json:"role"`

SiteMemberBody is the body for inviting a user to a site.

type SiteMemberResponse

type SiteMemberResponse struct {
	Email  string
	Role   Role
	Status string

SiteMemberResponse is the response for inviting a user to a site.

type SiteMemberUser

type SiteMemberUser struct {
	Name   string
	Email  string
	Status string

SiteMemberUser is the embedded user object in the site members response.

type SiteMembership

type SiteMembership struct {
	Site site `json:"site"`
	Role Role `json:"role"`

SiteMembership contains the data needed for inviting a member to a site.

func NewSiteMembership

func NewSiteMembership(name string, role Role) SiteMembership

NewSiteMembership returns a new site membership object for the given site name and role.

type SiteMonitor

type SiteMonitor struct {
	ID        string
	URL       string
	Share     bool
	CreatedBy string
	Created   time.Time

SiteMonitor is a monitor URL for a site.

type SiteMonitorResp added in v0.1.1

type SiteMonitorResp struct {
	Data []SiteMonitor

SiteMonitorResp is the response from GET site monitor

type SiteTemplate added in v0.1.1

type SiteTemplate struct {
	Name       string      `json:"name,omitempty"`
	Detections []Detection `json:"detections"`
	Alerts     []Alert     `json:"alerts"`

SiteTemplate basic struct for a site template

type SiteTemplateRuleBody added in v0.1.1

type SiteTemplateRuleBody struct {
	DetectionAdds    []Detection `json:"detectionAdds"`
	DetectionUpdates []Detection `json:"detectionUpdates"`
	DetectionDeletes []Detection `json:"detectionDeletes"`

	AlertAdds    []Alert `json:"alertAdds"`
	AlertUpdates []Alert `json:"alertUpdates"`
	AlertDeletes []Alert `json:"alertDeletes"`

SiteTemplateRuleBody needed to update a site template rule

type SuspiciousIP

type SuspiciousIP struct {
	Source            string
	Percent           int
	RemoteCountryCode string    `json:"remoteCountryCode"`
	RemoteHostname    string    `json:"remoteHostname"`
	TagName           string    `json:"tagName"`
	ShortName         string    `json:"shortName"`
	IntervalStart     time.Time `json:"interval_start"`
	Timestamp         time.Time

SuspiciousIP is a suspicious IP.

type Timeseries

type Timeseries struct {
	Type         string
	From         int
	Until        int
	Inc          int
	Data         []int
	SummaryCount int
	TotalPoints  int

Timeseries contains timeseries request info.

type TopAttack

type TopAttack struct {
	Value string
	Label string
	Count int

TopAttack is a top attack.

type UpdateCloudWAFCertificateBody added in v0.1.6

type UpdateCloudWAFCertificateBody struct {
	Name string `json:"name"`

type UpdateCorpBody

type UpdateCorpBody struct {
	DisplayName            string `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
	SmallIconURI           string `json:"smallIconURI,omitempty"`
	SessionMaxAgeDashboard int    `json:"sessionMaxAgeDashboard,omitempty"`

UpdateCorpBody is the body for the UpdateCorp method.

type UpdateIntegrationBody

type UpdateIntegrationBody struct {
	URL    string   `json:"url,omitempty"`
	Events []string `json:"events,omitempty"`

UpdateIntegrationBody is the body for updating an integration.

type UpdateListBody added in v0.1.1

type UpdateListBody struct {
	Description string  `json:"description,omitempty"` //Optional list description
	Entries     Entries `json:"entries,omitempty"`     //List entries

UpdateListBody update list

type UpdateRedactionBody

type UpdateRedactionBody struct {
	Field         string `json:"field,omitempty"`
	RedactionType int    `json:"redactionType,omitempty"`

UpdateRedactionBody is the body for updating an integration.

type UpdateSignalTagBody added in v0.1.1

type UpdateSignalTagBody struct {
	Description string `json:"description,omitempty"` //Optional signal tag description

UpdateSignalTagBody update a signal tag

type UpdateSiteBody

type UpdateSiteBody struct {
	DisplayName          string        `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
	AgentLevel           string        `json:"agentLevel,omitempty"`
	BlockDurationSeconds int           `json:"blockDurationSeconds,omitempty"`
	BlockHTTPCode        int           `json:"blockHTTPCode,omitempty"`
	AgentAnonMode        string        `json:"agentAnonMode"`
	ClientIPRules        ClientIPRules `json:"clientIPRules"`

UpdateSiteBody is the body for the update site method.

type UpdateSiteMonitorBody added in v0.1.1

type UpdateSiteMonitorBody struct {
	ID    string `json:"id"`
	Share bool   `json:"share"`

UpdateSiteMonitorBody is the body to update a site monitor

type UploadCloudWAFCertificateBody added in v0.1.6

type UploadCloudWAFCertificateBody struct {
	PrivateKey string

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