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Important Notice!!

We've ported to Go. We've still got the original C code, which you can find here.

Due to the name change, we've migrated the subreddit from /r/alloy_lang to /r/ark_lang, go subscribe! Finally, our IRC channel has moved from #alloy-lang to #ark-lang on freenode.



Requires Go to be installed and $GOPATH setup.

Fetching LLVM

Fetching LLVM bindings:

$ go get -d

Only do this if LLVM fails to install!

Note that this can fail! For some reason it rejects the certificate, if you're having this problem, try this little workaround:

$ svn checkout 

Then accept the certificate by typing p then pressing enter. Once you've done this cancel the checkout, and delete any files it makes... then run the following:

$ go get -d

Installing Ark

Building LLVM bindings (must be done first and may take a while).

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ ./
$ go install

Building ark:

$ go get
$ go install
$ ark

Make sure $GOPATH/bin is in your $PATH.


For detailed usage information, run ark help. For information on specific commands, use ark help <command>.


ark build tests/big_test.ark

##& Docgen

ark docgen tests/big_test.ark --dir some_output_dir

make gen and make fmt

The target gen is included for the convenience of the developers. It runs go generate on all the modules in ark.


If Ark is in your $PATH:

$ ./

If Ark is not in your $PATH:

$ PATH=$PATH:"./bin/" ./


Ark is licensed under the MIT License.


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