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gowatch is a command line tool that builds and (re)starts your go project everytime you save a Go or template file.



To install gowatch use the go get command:

go get github.com/silenceper/gowatch

Then you can add gowatch binary to PATH environment variable in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile file:

If you already have gowatch installed, updating gowatch is simple:

go get -u github.com/silenceper/gowatch


cd /path/to/myapp

Start gowatch:


Gowatch will watch for file events, and every time you create/modify/delete a file it will build and restart the application,If go build returns an error, it will log it in stdout.

Support Options
  • -o : Not required, specify the target file path for the build
  • -p : Not required, specify the package to be built (can also be a single file)
  • -args: Not required, specify program runtime parameters, for example: -args = '-host =: 8080, -name = demo'
  • -v: Not required, display gowatch version information


gowatch -o ./bin/demo -p ./cmd/demo

Configuration file

In most cases, you don't need to specify the configuration. You can meet most of the requirements by directly executing the gowatch command. Create a gowatch.yml file in the execution directory:

# gowatch.yml configuration example

# The name of the executable file generated under the current directory execution. The default is the current directory name.
appname: "test"

# Specify the command to run after builds done
run_cmd: "./run.sh"

# Specify the directory where the compiled object files are stored
output: /bin/demo
# The file name suffix that needs to be monitored. By default, there is only a '.go' file.
    - .yml

# The directory that needs to listen for file changes. By default, only the current directory.
    - ../pk

# Additional parameters that need to be added when running the application
    - arg1=val1

# Additional parameters that need to be added when building the application
    - -race

# Need to increase environment variables, the current environment variables are loaded by default
    - a=b

# Whether to listen to file changes in the 'vendor' folder
vendor_watch: false

# Directory that do not need to listen for file changes
    - path

# main package path, can also be a single file, multiple files separated by commas
build_pkg: ""

# build tags
build_tags: ""

# Commands that can be executed before build the app
#  - swag init

# Whether to prohibit automatic operation
disable_run: false



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