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type Notify

type Notify struct {

Notify 回调

func NewNotify

func NewNotify(cfg *config.Config) *Notify

NewNotify new

func (*Notify) DecryptReqInfo added in v2.0.5

func (notify *Notify) DecryptReqInfo(result *RefundedResult) (*RefundedReqInfo, error)

DecryptReqInfo 对退款结果进行解密

func (*Notify) PaidVerifySign

func (notify *Notify) PaidVerifySign(notifyRes PaidResult) bool

PaidVerifySign 支付成功结果验签

type PaidResp

type PaidResp struct {
	ReturnCode string `xml:"return_code"`
	ReturnMsg  string `xml:"return_msg"`

PaidResp 消息通知返回

type PaidResult

type PaidResult struct {
	ReturnCode *string `xml:"return_code"`
	ReturnMsg  *string `xml:"return_msg"`

	AppID              *string `xml:"appid" json:"appid"`
	MchID              *string `xml:"mch_id"`
	DeviceInfo         *string `xml:"device_info"`
	NonceStr           *string `xml:"nonce_str"`
	Sign               *string `xml:"sign"`
	SignType           *string `xml:"sign_type"`
	ResultCode         *string `xml:"result_code"`
	ErrCode            *string `xml:"err_code"`
	ErrCodeDes         *string `xml:"err_code_des"`
	OpenID             *string `xml:"openid"`
	IsSubscribe        *string `xml:"is_subscribe"`
	TradeType          *string `xml:"trade_type"`
	TradeState         *string `xml:"trade_state"`
	BankType           *string `xml:"bank_type"`
	TotalFee           *int    `xml:"total_fee"`
	SettlementTotalFee *int    `xml:"settlement_total_fee"`
	FeeType            *string `xml:"fee_type"`
	CashFee            *string `xml:"cash_fee"`
	CashFeeType        *string `xml:"cash_fee_type"`
	CouponFee          *int    `xml:"coupon_fee"`
	CouponCount        *int    `xml:"coupon_count"`

	// coupon_type_$n 这里只声明 3 个,如果有更多的可以自己组合
	CouponType0 *string `xml:"coupon_type_0"`
	CouponType1 *string `xml:"coupon_type_1"`
	CouponType2 *string `xml:"coupon_type_2"`
	CouponID0   *string `xml:"coupon_id_0"`
	CouponID1   *string `xml:"coupon_id_1"`
	CouponID2   *string `xml:"coupon_id_2"`
	CouponFee0  *string `xml:"coupon_fee_0"`
	CouponFee1  *string `xml:"coupon_fee_1"`
	CouponFee2  *string `xml:"coupon_fee_2"`

	TransactionID *string `xml:"transaction_id"`
	OutTradeNo    *string `xml:"out_trade_no"`
	Attach        *string `xml:"attach"`
	TimeEnd       *string `xml:"time_end"`

PaidResult 下单回调

type RefundedReqInfo added in v2.0.5

type RefundedReqInfo struct {
	TransactionID       *string `xml:"transaction_id"`
	OutTradeNO          *string `xml:"out_trade_no"`
	RefundID            *string `xml:"refund_id"`
	OutRefundNO         *string `xml:"out_refund_no"`
	TotalFee            *int    `xml:"total_fee"`
	SettlementTotalFee  *int    `xml:"settlement_total_fee"`
	RefundFee           *int    `xml:"refund_fee"`
	SettlementRefundFee *int    `xml:"settlement_refund_fee"`
	RefundStatus        *string `xml:"refund_status"`
	SuccessTime         *string `xml:"success_time"`
	RefundRecvAccount   *string `xml:"refund_recv_accout"`
	RefundAccount       *string `xml:"refund_account"`
	RefundRequestSource *string `xml:"refund_request_source"`

RefundedReqInfo 退款结果(明文)

type RefundedResp added in v2.0.5

type RefundedResp struct {
	ReturnCode string `xml:"return_code"`
	ReturnMsg  string `xml:"return_msg"`

RefundedResp 消息通知返回

type RefundedResult added in v2.0.5

type RefundedResult struct {
	ReturnCode *string `xml:"return_code"`
	ReturnMsg  *string `xml:"return_msg"`

	AppID    *string `xml:"appid"`
	MchID    *string `xml:"mch_id"`
	NonceStr *string `xml:"nonce_str"`
	ReqInfo  *string `xml:"req_info"`

RefundedResult 退款回调

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