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Running rest-data-archiver as a Lambda process

This rda application is a good use case for Serverless operation. As a primarily scheduled job, running it in a Serverless/Lambda environment is a great way to reduce infrastructure overhead.

Important warning

This application is configured using a config.json file that may include secrets. Be sure not to store this file in a public repository.


The contents of this lambda-example directory are intended to be copied to your own filesystem and repository. In this directory are a couple files for use with Codeship. If you don't use Codeship you can remove them and replace them with whatever is appropriate for your CI/CD provider.

After downloading the files, copy config.example.json to config.json and edit as needed. Also copy .env.example to .env and insert AWS credentials for Serverless to use to deploy the Lambda function.

Due to dependencies on Go to build the application and Serverless to interact with AWS to create and deploy the Lambda the easiest way to do all this is using the included Dockerfile and docker-compose.

Run make deploy. This will build the Docker image, run go get inside the container, build the Go binary, and use Serverless to deploy the Lambda function to the default Serverless stage dev, but you can update the command in the Makefile to change the stage as desired.

If you want to automate deployment with Codeship, encrypt the .env file to .env.encrypted and connect your private project repo with Codeship. By default, it is configured to only deploy production when changes are pushed to the main branch.


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