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type DBID

type DBID uint64

func (DBID) String

func (id DBID) String() string

type Job

type Job struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Job) Content

func (j *Job) Content() []byte

func (*Job) Delete

func (j *Job) Delete() error

func (*Job) ID

func (j *Job) ID() model.DBID

func (*Job) Next

func (j *Job) Next() time.Time

func (*Job) Schedule

func (j *Job) Schedule() schedule.MultiSchedule

func (*Job) SetContent

func (j *Job) SetContent(cont []byte) error

func (*Job) SetNext

func (j *Job) SetNext(next time.Time) error

func (*Job) SetSchedule

func (j *Job) SetSchedule(sched schedule.MultiSchedule) error

func (*Job) SetSubject

func (j *Job) SetSubject(sub string) error

func (*Job) Subject

func (j *Job) Subject() string

func (*Job) User

func (j *Job) User() model.User

type MySQLDBCon

type MySQLDBCon struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*MySQLDBCon) AddUser

func (con *MySQLDBCon) AddUser(email string, pwhash []byte, location *time.Location, active bool, acCode string) (model.User, error)

func (*MySQLDBCon) Close

func (con *MySQLDBCon) Close()

func (*MySQLDBCon) InactiveUsers

func (con *MySQLDBCon) InactiveUsers(olderthan time.Time) []model.DBID

func (*MySQLDBCon) JobsBefore

func (con *MySQLDBCon) JobsBefore(t time.Time) (jobs []model.Job)

func (*MySQLDBCon) UserByID

func (con *MySQLDBCon) UserByID(_id model.DBID) (model.User, error)

func (*MySQLDBCon) UserByMail

func (con *MySQLDBCon) UserByMail(email string) (model.User, error)

type User

type User struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*User) ActivationCode

func (u *User) ActivationCode() string

func (*User) Active

func (u *User) Active() bool

func (*User) AddJob

func (u *User) AddJob(subject string, content []byte, sched schedule.MultiSchedule, next time.Time) (model.Job, error)

func (*User) CountJobs

func (u *User) CountJobs() (c int)

func (*User) Delete

func (u *User) Delete() error

func (*User) Email

func (u *User) Email() string

func (*User) ID

func (u *User) ID() model.DBID

func (*User) JobByID

func (u *User) JobByID(_id model.DBID) (model.Job, error)

func (*User) Jobs

func (u *User) Jobs() []model.Job

func (*User) Location

func (u *User) Location() *time.Location

func (*User) PWHash

func (u *User) PWHash() []byte

func (*User) SetActivationCode

func (u *User) SetActivationCode(c string) error

func (*User) SetActive

func (u *User) SetActive(b bool) error

func (*User) SetLocation

func (u *User) SetLocation(loc *time.Location) error

func (*User) SetPWHash

func (u *User) SetPWHash(_pwhash []byte) error

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