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type ComputedConfig

type ComputedConfig struct {

	// Fields computed from Cluster
	AMI string

	AssetsConfig *cfg.CompactAssets

type DeploymentSettings

type DeploymentSettings struct {
	cfg.DeploymentSettings `yaml:",inline"`

func (DeploymentSettings) Validate added in v0.9.8

func (s DeploymentSettings) Validate() error

func (DeploymentSettings) ValidateInputs

func (c DeploymentSettings) ValidateInputs() error

func (DeploymentSettings) WithDefaultsFrom

TODO make this less smelly by e.g. moving this to core/nodepool/config

type MainClusterSettings

type MainClusterSettings struct {
	EtcdNodes             []derived.EtcdNode
	KubeResourcesAutosave cfg.KubeResourcesAutosave

type ProvidedConfig

type ProvidedConfig struct {
	// APIEndpoint is the k8s api endpoint to which worker nodes in this node pool communicate
	APIEndpoint             derived.APIEndpoint
	cfg.KubeClusterSettings `yaml:",inline"`
	WorkerNodePoolConfig    `yaml:",inline"`
	DeploymentSettings      `yaml:",inline"`
	cfg.Experimental        `yaml:",inline"`
	Plugins                 model.PluginConfigs `yaml:"kubeAwsPlugins,omitempty"`
	Private                 bool                `yaml:"private,omitempty"`
	NodePoolName            string              `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	ProvidedEncryptService  cfg.EncryptService
	model.UnknownKeys       `yaml:",inline"`

func ClusterFromBytes

func ClusterFromBytes(data []byte, main *cfg.Config) (*ProvidedConfig, error)

ClusterFromBytes Necessary for unit tests, which store configs as hardcoded strings

func ClusterFromBytesWithEncryptService

func ClusterFromBytesWithEncryptService(data []byte, main *cfg.Config, encryptService cfg.EncryptService) (*ProvidedConfig, error)

func (ProvidedConfig) APIEndpointURL added in v0.9.6

func (c ProvidedConfig) APIEndpointURL() string

APIEndpointURL is the url of the API endpoint which is written in cloud-config-worker and used by kubelets in worker nodes to access the apiserver

func (ProvidedConfig) Config

func (c ProvidedConfig) Config() (*ComputedConfig, error)

func (*ProvidedConfig) ExternalDNSName added in v0.9.6

func (c *ProvidedConfig) ExternalDNSName() string

func (ProvidedConfig) FeatureGates added in v0.9.8

func (c ProvidedConfig) FeatureGates() model.FeatureGates

func (*ProvidedConfig) Load

func (c *ProvidedConfig) Load(main *cfg.Config) error

func (ProvidedConfig) NestedStackName

func (c ProvidedConfig) NestedStackName() string

NestedStackName returns a sanitized name of this node pool which is usable as a valid cloudformation nested stack name

func (ProvidedConfig) NodeLabels added in v0.9.8

func (c ProvidedConfig) NodeLabels() model.NodeLabels

func (ProvidedConfig) SecurityGroupRefs

func (c ProvidedConfig) SecurityGroupRefs() []string

func (ProvidedConfig) StackConfig

func (c ProvidedConfig) StackConfig(opts StackTemplateOptions) (*StackConfig, error)

func (ProvidedConfig) StackName

func (c ProvidedConfig) StackName() string

StackName returns the logical name of a CloudFormation stack resource in a root stack template This is not needed to be unique in an AWS account because the actual name of a nested stack is generated randomly by CloudFormation by including the logical name. This is NOT intended to be used to reference stack name from cloud-config as the target of awscli or cfn-bootstrap-tools commands e.g. `cfn-init` and `cfn-signal`

func (ProvidedConfig) StackNameEnvFileName

func (c ProvidedConfig) StackNameEnvFileName() string

func (ProvidedConfig) StackNameEnvVarName

func (c ProvidedConfig) StackNameEnvVarName() string

func (*ProvidedConfig) UnmarshalYAML added in v0.9.6

func (c *ProvidedConfig) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

func (ProvidedConfig) VPCRef

func (c ProvidedConfig) VPCRef() (string, error)

func (ProvidedConfig) ValidateInputs

func (c ProvidedConfig) ValidateInputs() error

func (ProvidedConfig) WorkerDeploymentSettings

func (c ProvidedConfig) WorkerDeploymentSettings() WorkerDeploymentSettings

type Ref

type Ref struct {
	PoolName string

type StackConfig

type StackConfig struct {
	UserDataWorker model.UserData
	ExtraCfnResources map[string]interface{}

func (*StackConfig) RenderStackTemplateAsBytes added in v0.9.7

func (c *StackConfig) RenderStackTemplateAsBytes() ([]byte, error)

func (*StackConfig) RenderStackTemplateAsString added in v0.9.7

func (c *StackConfig) RenderStackTemplateAsString() (string, error)

type StackTemplateOptions

type StackTemplateOptions struct {
	WorkerTmplFile        string
	StackTemplateTmplFile string
	AssetsDir             string
	PrettyPrint           bool
	S3URI                 string
	SkipWait              bool

type WorkerDeploymentSettings

type WorkerDeploymentSettings struct {

func (WorkerDeploymentSettings) StackTags

func (c WorkerDeploymentSettings) StackTags() map[string]string

func (WorkerDeploymentSettings) Validate added in v0.9.8

func (c WorkerDeploymentSettings) Validate() error

func (WorkerDeploymentSettings) WorkerSecurityGroupRefs

func (c WorkerDeploymentSettings) WorkerSecurityGroupRefs() []string

type WorkerNodePoolConfig

type WorkerNodePoolConfig struct {
	APIEndpointName      string `yaml:"apiEndpointName,omitempty"`
	model.NodePoolConfig `yaml:",inline"`

func (WorkerNodePoolConfig) Validate

func (c WorkerNodePoolConfig) Validate() error

func (WorkerNodePoolConfig) ValidateInputs

func (c WorkerNodePoolConfig) ValidateInputs() error

func (WorkerNodePoolConfig) WithDefaultsFrom

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