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const FINGERPRINT_FAIL = "Invalid fingerprint."
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func MetadataFormatSchema

func MetadataFormatSchema(curMDMap map[string]interface{}, md *compute.Metadata) map[string]interface{}

    Format metadata from the server data format -> schema data format

    func MetadataRetryWrapper

    func MetadataRetryWrapper(update func() error) error

      Since the google compute API uses optimistic locking, there is a chance we need to resubmit our updated metadata. To do this, you need to provide an update function that attempts to submit your metadata

      func MetadataUpdate

      func MetadataUpdate(oldMDMap map[string]interface{}, newMDMap map[string]interface{}, serverMD *compute.Metadata)

        Update the metadata (serverMD) according to the provided diff (oldMDMap v newMDMap).

        func Provider

        func Provider() terraform.ResourceProvider

          Provider returns a terraform.ResourceProvider.


          type ComputeOperationError

          type ComputeOperationError compute.OperationError

            ComputeOperationError wraps compute.OperationError and implements the error interface so it can be returned.

            func (ComputeOperationError) Error

            func (e ComputeOperationError) Error() string

            type ComputeOperationWaitType

            type ComputeOperationWaitType byte

              OperationWaitType is an enum specifying what type of operation we're waiting on.

              const (
              	ComputeOperationWaitInvalid ComputeOperationWaitType = iota

              type ComputeOperationWaiter

              type ComputeOperationWaiter struct {
              	Service *compute.Service
              	Op      *compute.Operation
              	Project string
              	Region  string
              	Type    ComputeOperationWaitType
              	Zone    string

              func (*ComputeOperationWaiter) Conf

              func (*ComputeOperationWaiter) RefreshFunc

              type Config

              type Config struct {
              	Credentials string
              	Project     string
              	Region      string
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                Config is the configuration structure used to instantiate the Google provider.

                type DnsChangeWaiter

                type DnsChangeWaiter struct {
                	Service     *dns.Service
                	Change      *dns.Change
                	Project     string
                	ManagedZone string

                func (*DnsChangeWaiter) Conf

                func (*DnsChangeWaiter) RefreshFunc

                func (w *DnsChangeWaiter) RefreshFunc() resource.StateRefreshFunc

                type ResourceManagerOperationWaiter

                type ResourceManagerOperationWaiter struct {
                	Service *cloudresourcemanager.Service
                	Op      *cloudresourcemanager.Operation

                func (*ResourceManagerOperationWaiter) Conf

                func (*ResourceManagerOperationWaiter) RefreshFunc

                type RoleEntity

                type RoleEntity struct {
                	Role   string
                	Entity string

                type ServiceManagementOperationWaiter

                type ServiceManagementOperationWaiter struct {
                	Service *servicemanagement.APIService
                	Op      *servicemanagement.Operation

                func (*ServiceManagementOperationWaiter) Conf

                func (*ServiceManagementOperationWaiter) RefreshFunc

                type SqlAdminOperationError

                type SqlAdminOperationError sqladmin.OperationErrors

                  SqlAdminOperationError wraps sqladmin.OperationError and implements the error interface so it can be returned.

                  func (SqlAdminOperationError) Error

                  func (e SqlAdminOperationError) Error() string

                  type SqlAdminOperationWaiter

                  type SqlAdminOperationWaiter struct {
                  	Service *sqladmin.Service
                  	Op      *sqladmin.Operation
                  	Project string

                  func (*SqlAdminOperationWaiter) Conf

                  func (*SqlAdminOperationWaiter) RefreshFunc

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