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type Provisioner

type Provisioner struct {
	AttributesJSON        string   `mapstructure:"attributes_json"`
	ClientOptions         []string `mapstructure:"client_options"`
	DisableReporting      bool     `mapstructure:"disable_reporting"`
	Environment           string   `mapstructure:"environment"`
	FetchChefCertificates bool     `mapstructure:"fetch_chef_certificates"`
	LogToFile             bool     `mapstructure:"log_to_file"`
	UsePolicyfile         bool     `mapstructure:"use_policyfile"`
	PolicyGroup           string   `mapstructure:"policy_group"`
	PolicyName            string   `mapstructure:"policy_name"`
	HTTPProxy             string   `mapstructure:"http_proxy"`
	HTTPSProxy            string   `mapstructure:"https_proxy"`
	NamedRunList          string   `mapstructure:"named_run_list"`
	NOProxy               []string `mapstructure:"no_proxy"`
	NodeName              string   `mapstructure:"node_name"`
	OhaiHints             []string `mapstructure:"ohai_hints"`
	OSType                string   `mapstructure:"os_type"`
	RecreateClient        bool     `mapstructure:"recreate_client"`
	PreventSudo           bool     `mapstructure:"prevent_sudo"`
	RunList               []string `mapstructure:"run_list"`
	SecretKey             string   `mapstructure:"secret_key"`
	ServerURL             string   `mapstructure:"server_url"`
	SkipInstall           bool     `mapstructure:"skip_install"`
	SkipRegister          bool     `mapstructure:"skip_register"`
	SSLVerifyMode         string   `mapstructure:"ssl_verify_mode"`
	UserName              string   `mapstructure:"user_name"`
	UserKey               string   `mapstructure:"user_key"`
	VaultJSON             string   `mapstructure:"vault_json"`
	Version               string   `mapstructure:"version"`

	// Deprecated Fields
	ValidationClientName string `mapstructure:"validation_client_name"`
	ValidationKey        string `mapstructure:"validation_key"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Provisioner represents a Chef provisioner

func (*Provisioner) Output

func (p *Provisioner) Output(output string)

Output implementation of terraform.UIOutput interface

type ResourceProvisioner

type ResourceProvisioner struct{}

ResourceProvisioner represents a generic chef provisioner

func (*ResourceProvisioner) Apply

Apply executes the file provisioner

func (*ResourceProvisioner) Validate

func (r *ResourceProvisioner) Validate(c *terraform.ResourceConfig) (ws []string, es []error)

Validate checks if the required arguments are configured

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