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Automatix is a Github bot that updates Go Module dependencies and creates Pull Requests.

It's intended to either be run:

  • regularly via a scheduling mechanism like Cron or a CI Job or
  • as standalone application on a server with PeriodicIntervalMin set to >0.

It clones the Github repositories listed in it's config.toml file. For each repository it downloads updates for the libraries listed in the go.mod file. If libraries were updated it creates a Github Pull-Request for the changes.

If an open Pull-Request from Automatix already exists, it does not check for Go module updates. This is to prevent that Automatix creates tons of Pull-Requests for the same changes.

If the parameter PeriodicIntervalMin in the config.toml file is 0, Automatix only runs 1x time. If the parameter is set to a value >0, automatix checks for updates in this interval.

Runtime Dependencies

  • Git command-line tools
  • Golang 1.11


  1. Run go get -u to install Automatix
  2. Create a OAUTH Github key for Automatix at
  3. Run ./automatix to create an example config
  4. Move config.example.toml to config.toml and configure it according to your needs
  5. Run ./automatix


  • I'm getting a 404 Not Found error when Automatix retrieves information from Github or tries to do git push
    • The permissions for your OAUTH key maybe not sufficient. Ensure the rep - Full control of private repositories checkbox is checked.
    • If you updated your OAUTH key and used Automatix before, you have to delete the previously checked out repositories in RepoBaseDir.
  • The git commit step fails because my git user identity is not set


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