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func AddrBookTest

func AddrBookTest(t *testing.T, factory AddrBookFactory)

func AddressProducer

func AddressProducer(ctx context.Context, b *testing.B, addrs chan *logpair, addrsPerPeer int)

func AssertAddressesEqual

func AssertAddressesEqual(t *testing.T, exp, act []ma.Multiaddr)

func BenchmarkHeadBook

func BenchmarkHeadBook(b *testing.B, factory HeadBookFactory)

func BenchmarkKeyBook

func BenchmarkKeyBook(b *testing.B, factory KeyBookFactory)

func BenchmarkLogstore

func BenchmarkLogstore(b *testing.B, factory LogstoreFactory, variant string)

func GenerateAddrs

func GenerateAddrs(count int) []ma.Multiaddr

func GeneratePeerIDs

func GeneratePeerIDs(count int) []peer.ID

func HeadBookTest

func HeadBookTest(t *testing.T, factory HeadBookFactory)

func KeyBookTest

func KeyBookTest(t *testing.T, factory KeyBookFactory)

func LogstoreTest

func LogstoreTest(t *testing.T, factory LogstoreFactory)

func MetadataBookTest

func MetadataBookTest(t *testing.T, factory MetadataBookFactory)

func Multiaddr

func Multiaddr(m string) ma.Multiaddr

func RandomPeer

func RandomPeer(b *testing.B, addrCount int) *logpair


type AddrBookFactory

type AddrBookFactory func() (core.AddrBook, func())

type HeadBookFactory

type HeadBookFactory func() (core.HeadBook, func())

type KeyBookFactory

type KeyBookFactory func() (core.KeyBook, func())

type LogstoreFactory

type LogstoreFactory func() (core.Logstore, func())

type MetadataBookFactory

type MetadataBookFactory func() (core.ThreadMetadata, func())

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