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var DecodeJSON = commons.DecodeJSON

DecodeJSON is used to decode the given bytes into interface

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var EncodeJSON = commons.EncodeJSON

EncodeJSON is used to encode the given interface into json bytes

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var PersistenceDelete = persistence.Delete

PersistenceDelete is used to delete the entity

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var PersistenceSave = persistence.Save

PersistenceSave is used to save the entity

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var PersistenceView = persistence.View

PersistenceView is used to view the entity


func Handle

func Handle(ctx *fasthttp.RequestCtx)

Handle is used to handle the request to any endpoint

func HandleBase added in v1.0.2

func HandleBase(ctx *fasthttp.RequestCtx)

HandleBase is used to handle the request to the base endpoint

func HandleMock

func HandleMock(ctx *fasthttp.RequestCtx)

HandleMock is used to mock and endpoint

func HandleUnMock

func HandleUnMock(ctx *fasthttp.RequestCtx)

HandleUnMock is used to un mock and endpoint


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