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Get Instagram User Media in Go_

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Get links of Instagram_ user media (photos and videos) in Go.

Obtain Cookies

The following three values are must to access the Instagram API.

- ``ds_user_id``
- ``sessionid``
- ``csrftoken``

First login to Instagram_ from Chrome browser, and there are two ways to get the
above information:

1. From `Chrome Developer Tools`_: See this `SO answer`_ or `Obtain cookies`_
   section in `instastories-backup`_ repo.

.. image:: https://i.stack.imgur.com/psJLZ.png
   :align: center
   :alt: ds_user_id sessionid csrftoken

2. From Chrome extension: Use EditThisCookie_ or `cookie-txt-export`_ or other
   cookie tools.


Released in public domain. See UNLICENSE_.


.. [1] `GitHub - siongui/goiguserid: Get id of Instagram user in Go <https://github.com/siongui/goiguserid>`_
.. [2] `GitHub - siongui/goigstorylink: Get Links (URL) of Instagram Stories in Go <https://github.com/siongui/goigstorylink>`_
.. [3] `GitHub - siongui/goigfollow: Get Instagram following and followers in Go <https://github.com/siongui/goigfollow>`_
.. [4] `GitHub - siongui/goigstorydl: Download Instagram Stories in Go <https://github.com/siongui/goigstorydl>`_

.. _Go: https://golang.org/
.. _Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/
.. _Chrome Developer Tools: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools
.. _SO answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/44773079
.. _Obtain cookies: https://github.com/hoschiCZ/instastories-backup#obtain-cookies
.. _instastories-backup: https://github.com/hoschiCZ/instastories-backup
.. _EditThisCookie: https://www.google.com/search?q=EditThisCookie
.. _cookie-txt-export: https://github.com/siongui/cookie-txt-export.go
.. _UNLICENSE: http://unlicense.org/



Package igmedia helps you get all URLs of posts of a specific Instagram user, and also media (photos and videos) links of posts.




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func GetUserId

func GetUserId(username string) (id string, err error)

Given user name, return id of the user name.


25025320 <nil>

func SetUserAgent

func SetUserAgent(s string)

Set User-Agent header in HTTP requests.


type EdgeMedia

type EdgeMedia struct {
	Typename   string `json:"__typename"`
	Shortcode  string `json:"shortcode"`
	Dimensions struct {
		Height int64 `json:"height"`
		Width  int64 `json:"width"`
	} `json:"dimensions"`
	DisplayUrl       string `json:"display_url"`
	DisplayResources []struct {
		Src          string `json:"src"`
		ConfigWidth  int64  `json:"config_width"`
		ConfigHeight int64  `json:"config_height"`
	} `json:"display_resources"`
	VideoUrl         string `json:"video_url"`
	IsVideo          bool   `json:"is_video"`
	TakenAtTimestamp int64  `json:"taken_at_timestamp"`
	Location         struct {
		Id            string `json:"id"`
		HasPublicPage bool   `json:"has_public_page"`
		Name          string `json:"name"`
		Slug          string `json:"slug"`
	} `json:"location"`
	EdgeSidecarToChildren struct {
		Edges []struct {
			Node EdgeMedia `json:"node"`
		} `json:"edges"`
	} `json:"edge_sidecar_to_children"`

type IGApiManager

type IGApiManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewInstagramApiManager

func NewInstagramApiManager(ds_user_id, sessionid, csrftoken string) *IGApiManager

After login to Instagram, you can get the cookies of *ds_user_id*, *sessionid*, *csrftoken* in Chrome Developer Tools. See https://stackoverflow.com/a/44773079 or https://github.com/hoschiCZ/instastories-backup#obtain-cookies

func (*IGApiManager) GetAllPostCode

func (m *IGApiManager) GetAllPostCode(username string) (codes []string, err error)

Given user name, return codes of all posts of the user. TODO: add sleep at the end of forloop. If the number of posts is over 2400, Instagram API will return http response code 429 (Too Many Requests)

func (*IGApiManager) GetPostInfo

func (m *IGApiManager) GetPostInfo(code string) (em EdgeMedia, err error)

Given code of post, return information of the post with login status.

func (*IGApiManager) GetUserInfo

func (m *IGApiManager) GetUserInfo(username string) (ui UserInfo, err error)

Given user name, return information of the user name.

type UserInfo

type UserInfo struct {
	Biography       string `json:"biography"`
	ExternalUrl     string `json:"external_url"`
	FullName        string `json:"full_name"`
	Id              string `json:"id"`
	IsPrivate       bool   `json:"is_private"`
	ProfilePicUrlHd string `json:"profile_pic_url_hd"`
	Username        string `json:"username"`
	Media           struct {
		Nodes []struct {
			Code    string `json:"code"` // url of the post
			Date    int64  `json:"date"`
			Caption string `json:"caption"`
		} `json:"nodes"`
		Count    int64 `json:"count"`
		PageInfo struct {
			HasNextPage bool   `json:"has_next_page"`
			EndCursor   string `json:"end_cursor"`
		} `json:"page_info"`
	} `json:"media"`

func GetUserInfoNoLogin

func GetUserInfoNoLogin(username string) (ui UserInfo, err error)

Given user name, return information of the user name without login.

user, err := GetUserInfoNoLogin("instagram")
if err != nil {


Discovering — and telling — stories from around the world. Curated by Instagram’s community team.

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