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const (
	Version   = 1  // Chunk 0x0001 IP protocol family (0x02=IPv4, 0x0a=IPv6)
	Protocol  = 2  // Chunk 0x0002 IP protocol ID (0x06=TCP, 0x11=UDP)
	IP4SrcIP  = 3  // Chunk 0x0003 IPv4 source address
	IP4DstIP  = 4  // Chunk 0x0004 IPv4 destination address
	IP6SrcIP  = 5  // Chunk 0x0005 IPv6 source address
	IP6DstIP  = 6  // Chunk 0x0006 IPv6 destination address
	SrcPort   = 7  // Chunk 0x0007 Protocol source port
	DstPort   = 8  // Chunk 0x0008 Protocol destination port
	Tsec      = 9  // Chunk 0x0009 Unix timestamp, seconds
	Tmsec     = 10 // Chunk 0x000a Unix timestamp, microseconds
	ProtoType = 11 // Chunk 0x000b Protocol type (DNS, LOG, RTCP, SIP)
	NodeID    = 12 // Chunk 0x000c Capture client ID
	NodePW    = 14 // Chunk 0x000e Authentication key (plain text / TLS connection)
	Payload   = 15 // Chunk 0x000f Captured packet payload
	CID       = 17 // Chunk 0x0011 Correlation ID
	Vlan      = 18 // Chunk 0x0012 VLAN
	NodeName  = 19 // Chunk 0x0013 NodeName

HEP chuncks


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var PacketQueue = make(chan *Packet, 20000)


This section is empty.


type Context

type Context struct {
	CaptureInfo gopacket.CaptureInfo

func (*Context) GetCaptureInfo

func (c *Context) GetCaptureInfo() gopacket.CaptureInfo

type Decoder

type Decoder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDecoder

func NewDecoder(datalink layers.LinkType) *Decoder

func (*Decoder) Process

func (d *Decoder) Process(data []byte, ci *gopacket.CaptureInfo)

func (*Decoder) ProcessHEPPacket

func (d *Decoder) ProcessHEPPacket(data []byte)

type HEP

type HEP struct {
	Version     uint32 `protobuf:"varint,1,req,name=Version" json:"Version"`
	Protocol    uint32 `protobuf:"varint,2,req,name=Protocol" json:"Protocol"`
	SrcIP       string `protobuf:"bytes,3,req,name=SrcIP" json:"SrcIP"`
	DstIP       string `protobuf:"bytes,4,req,name=DstIP" json:"DstIP"`
	SrcPort     uint32 `protobuf:"varint,5,req,name=SrcPort" json:"SrcPort"`
	DstPort     uint32 `protobuf:"varint,6,req,name=DstPort" json:"DstPort"`
	Tsec        uint32 `protobuf:"varint,7,req,name=Tsec" json:"Tsec"`
	Tmsec       uint32 `protobuf:"varint,8,req,name=Tmsec" json:"Tmsec"`
	ProtoType   uint32 `protobuf:"varint,9,req,name=ProtoType" json:"ProtoType"`
	NodeID      uint32 `protobuf:"varint,10,req,name=NodeID" json:"NodeID"`
	NodePW      string `protobuf:"bytes,11,req,name=NodePW" json:"NodePW"`
	Payload     string `protobuf:"bytes,12,req,name=Payload" json:"Payload"`
	CID         string `protobuf:"bytes,13,req,name=CID" json:"CID"`
	Vlan        uint32 `protobuf:"varint,14,req,name=Vlan" json:"Vlan"`
	ProtoString string
	Timestamp   time.Time
	SIP         string
	NodeName    string
	TargetName  string
	SID         string

HEP represents HEP packet

func DecodeHEP

func DecodeHEP(packet []byte) (*HEP, error)

DecodeHEP returns a parsed HEP message

type Packet

type Packet struct {
	Version   byte
	Protocol  byte
	SrcIP     net.IP
	DstIP     net.IP
	SrcPort   uint16
	DstPort   uint16
	Tsec      uint32
	Tmsec     uint32
	ProtoType byte
	Payload   []byte
	CID       []byte
	Vlan      uint16

func (*Packet) MarshalJSON

func (p *Packet) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements json marshal functions for Packet


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