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var (
	// ErrInvalidContentType is returned by ParseRequest if it can't unmarshal it into the passed struct
	ErrInvalidContentType = errors.New("Invalid request content type")


func GetHTTPHost

func GetHTTPHost(r *http.Request) string

GetHTTPHost returns the currenthost in the request

func GetHTTPUrl

func GetHTTPUrl(r *http.Request) string

GetHTTPUrl returns the url in the request

func JSONResponse

func JSONResponse(w http.ResponseWriter, status int, data interface{})

JSONResponse writes JSON to an http.ResponseWriter with the corresponding status code

func ParseRequest

func ParseRequest(r *http.Request, data interface{}) error

ParseRequest takes the input body from the passed request and tries to unmarshal it into data

func RemoteAddr

func RemoteAddr(r *http.Request) string

RemoteAddr extracts the remote address of the request, taking into account proxy headers.

func RemoteIP

func RemoteIP(r *http.Request) string

RemoteIP extracts the remote IP of the request, taking into account proxy headers.


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