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InfluxDB Output Plugin

This plugin writes to InfluxDB via HTTP or UDP.

Required parameters:

  • urls: List of strings, this is for InfluxDB clustering support. On each flush interval, Telegraf will randomly choose one of the urls to write to. Each URL should start with either http:// or udp://
  • database: The name of the database to write to.




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type InfluxDB

type InfluxDB struct {
	// URL is only for backwards compatability
	URL        string
	URLs       []string `toml:"urls"`
	Username   string
	Password   string
	Database   string
	UserAgent  string
	Precision  string
	Timeout    internal.Duration
	UDPPayload int `toml:"udp_payload"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*InfluxDB) Close

func (i *InfluxDB) Close() error

func (*InfluxDB) Connect

func (i *InfluxDB) Connect() error

func (*InfluxDB) Description

func (i *InfluxDB) Description() string

func (*InfluxDB) SampleConfig

func (i *InfluxDB) SampleConfig() string

func (*InfluxDB) Write

func (i *InfluxDB) Write(points []*client.Point) error

Choose a random server in the cluster to write to until a successful write occurs, logging each unsuccessful. If all servers fail, return error.

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