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type Accessor

type Accessor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Accessor is an accessor to postgreSQL to query data.

func New

func New(db *gorm.DB) *Accessor

New returns new accessor's ptr.

func (*Accessor) Create

func (x *Accessor) Create(clusterID uuid.UUID, appGroup *pb.AppGroup) (uuid.UUID, error)

Create creates a new application group in database.

func (*Accessor) DeleteAppGroup

func (x *Accessor) DeleteAppGroup(appGroupID uuid.UUID) error

DeleteAppGroup deletes an application group and applications.

func (*Accessor) GetAppGroup

func (x *Accessor) GetAppGroup(appGroupID uuid.UUID) (*pb.AppGroup, error)

GetAppGroup returns an application group by cluster_id and app_group_id.

func (*Accessor) GetAppGroups

func (x *Accessor) GetAppGroups(name string, appGroupType pb.AppGroupType) ([]*pb.AppGroup, error)

GetAppGroups returns application groups matching name and type in database.

func (*Accessor) GetAppGroupsByClusterID

func (x *Accessor) GetAppGroupsByClusterID(clusterID uuid.UUID, offset, limit int) ([]*pb.AppGroup, error)

GetApplicatiionGroup returns an application group in database.

func (*Accessor) GetApps

func (x *Accessor) GetApps(appGroupID uuid.UUID, appType pb.AppType) ([]*pb.Application, error)

GetApps queies applications by app type.

func (*Accessor) GetAppsByAppGroupID

func (x *Accessor) GetAppsByAppGroupID(appGroupID uuid.UUID) ([]*pb.Application, error)

GetAppsByAppGroupID queies applications by app group id.

func (*Accessor) UpdateApp

func (x *Accessor) UpdateApp(appGroupID uuid.UUID, appType pb.AppType, endpoint, metadata string) error

UpdateApp updates data of application in database.

func (*Accessor) UpdateAppGroupStatus

func (x *Accessor) UpdateAppGroupStatus(appGroupID uuid.UUID, status pb.AppGroupStatus) error

UpdateAppGroupStatus updates status of application group.

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