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This is a simple package which allows you to process files which consist of a key-value header, and then content.

Use Case

The initial-use case was for a simple blog-compiler, which consumes a series of files containing posts. As you might expect each post has some associated meta-data, such as a title, a set of tags, etc.

This library allows you to read the two parts of this file seperately, and cleanly:

Subject: This is my post
Date: 10th March 1980
Tags: foo, bar, baz

This is my blog post ..

Once parsed you can receive :

  • The body of the post.
  • A map containing the (string) keys and values present in the header.
    • The header-values may be separated by either : or =.

Github Setup

This repository is configured to run tests upon every commit, and when pull-requests are created/updated. The testing is carried out via .github/run-tests.sh which is used by the github-action-tester action.

If test-coverage drops beneath 100% this is a bug. The package is simple enough that this should not be an undue burdon.




Package headerfile allows you to read a file which contains a small header of "key:value" lines.

These kinds of files are very common when processing simple blogs, and similar files.



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type HeaderFile

type HeaderFile struct {

	// File is the filename the user wished us to read.
	File string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HeaderFile is the structure that encapsulates our object.

func New

func New(filename string) *HeaderFile

New creates a new object.

func (*HeaderFile) Body

func (h *HeaderFile) Body() (string, error)

Body returns the body of the file, which is the region after the header.

The body will contain an extra trailing newline.

func (*HeaderFile) Headers

func (h *HeaderFile) Headers() (map[string]string, error)

Headers returns the headers associated with the file.

The map will have all the header-names downcased, and the values will be stripped of any leading/trailing whitespace.

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