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const (
	// DefaultRPCPath is used by ServeHTTP.
	DefaultRPCPath = "/_rpcx_"

	// AuthKey is used in metadata.
	AuthKey = "__AUTH"

	// ServerAddress is used to get address of the server by client
	ServerAddress = "__ServerAddress"

	// ServerTimeout timeout value passed from client to control timeout of server
	ServerTimeout = "__ServerTimeout"

	// OpentracingSpanServerKey key in service context
	OpentracingSpanServerKey = "opentracing_span_server_key"
	// OpentracingSpanClientKey key in client context
	OpentracingSpanClientKey = "opentracing_span_client_key"

	// OpencensusSpanServerKey key in service context
	OpencensusSpanServerKey = "opencensus_span_server_key"
	// OpencensusSpanClientKey key in client context
	OpencensusSpanClientKey = "opencensus_span_client_key"
	// OpencensusSpanRequestKey span key in request meta
	OpencensusSpanRequestKey = "opencensus_span_request_key"

	// SendFileServiceName is name of the file transfer service.
	SendFileServiceName = "_filetransfer"

	// StreamServiceName is name of the stream service.
	StreamServiceName = "_streamservice"


    Codecs are codecs supported by rpcx. You can add customized codecs in Codecs.

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    var ReqMetaDataKey = ContextKey("__req_metadata")

      ReqMetaDataKey is used to set metatdata in context of requests.

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      var ResMetaDataKey = ContextKey("__res_metadata")

        ResMetaDataKey is used to set metatdata in context of responses.


        func GetOpencensusSpanContextFromContext

        func GetOpencensusSpanContextFromContext(ctx context.Context) (*trace.SpanContext, error)

          GetOpencensusSpanContextFromContext get opencensus.trace.SpanContext from context.Context.

          func GetSpanContextFromContext

          func GetSpanContextFromContext(ctx context.Context) (opentracing.SpanContext, error)

            GetSpanContextFromContext get opentracing.SpanContext from context.Context.

            func RegisterCodec

            func RegisterCodec(t protocol.SerializeType, c codec.Codec)

              RegisterCodec register customized codec.


              type Context

              type Context struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                Context is a rpcx customized Context that can contains multiple values.

                func NewContext

                func NewContext(ctx context.Context) *Context

                func WithLocalValue

                func WithLocalValue(ctx *Context, key, val interface{}) *Context

                func WithValue

                func WithValue(parent context.Context, key, val interface{}) *Context

                func (*Context) SetValue

                func (c *Context) SetValue(key, val interface{})

                func (*Context) String

                func (c *Context) String() string

                func (*Context) Value

                func (c *Context) Value(key interface{}) interface{}

                type ContextKey

                type ContextKey string

                  ContextKey defines key type in context.

                  type DownloadFileArgs

                  type DownloadFileArgs struct {
                  	FileName string            `json:"file_name,omitempty"`
                  	Meta     map[string]string `json:"meta,omitempty"`

                    DownloadFileArgs args from clients.

                    type FileTransferArgs

                    type FileTransferArgs struct {
                    	FileName string            `json:"file_name,omitempty"`
                    	FileSize int64             `json:"file_size,omitempty"`
                    	Meta     map[string]string `json:"meta,omitempty"`

                      FileTransferArgs args from clients.

                      type FileTransferReply

                      type FileTransferReply struct {
                      	Token []byte `json:"token,omitempty"`
                      	Addr  string `json:"addr,omitempty"`

                        FileTransferReply response to token and addr to clients.

                        type StreamServiceArgs

                        type StreamServiceArgs struct {
                        	Meta map[string]string `json:"meta,omitempty"`

                          StreamServiceArgs is the request type for stream service.

                          type StreamServiceReply

                          type StreamServiceReply struct {
                          	Token []byte `json:"token,omitempty"`
                          	Addr  string `json:"addr,omitempty"`

                            StreamServiceReply is the reply type for stream service.