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SMARTY DISCLAIMER: Subject to the terms of the associated license agreement, this software is freely available for your use. This software is FREE, AS IN PUPPIES, and is a gift. Enjoy your new responsibility. This means that while we may consider enhancement requests, we may or may not choose to entertain requests at our sole and absolute discretion.

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The official client libraries for accessing SmartyStreets APIs from Go.


You may have noticed this page is curiously sparse. Don't panic, there are examples and documentation.


Apache 2.0 License



sdk is a top-level package containing elements common to all SmartyStreets APIs.



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const VERSION = "v1.15.0"


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func NewSecretKeyCredential

func NewSecretKeyCredential(authID, authToken string) *secretKeyCredential

func NewWebsiteKeyCredential

func NewWebsiteKeyCredential(key, hostNameOrIP string) *websiteKeyCredential


type CoordinateLicense added in v1.7.0

type CoordinateLicense uint16
const (
	CoordinateLicenseSmartyStreets            CoordinateLicense = 0
	CoordinateLicenseSmartyStreetsProprietary CoordinateLicense = 1

CoordinateLicense values and associated details defined here:

func (CoordinateLicense) String added in v1.7.0

func (this CoordinateLicense) String() string

type Credential

type Credential interface {
	Sign(*http.Request) error

type HTTPStatusError

type HTTPStatusError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HTTPStatusError stands in for the error type but also provides convenience methods for accessing the status code and content of the request that caused the error. Instances of this type are returned by sdk.HTTPSender.Send(). When nil, the methods of this type behave as if called on a non-nil instance instantiated with http.StatusOK (200).

func NewHTTPStatusError

func NewHTTPStatusError(statusCode int, content []byte) *HTTPStatusError

func (*HTTPStatusError) Content

func (e *HTTPStatusError) Content() string

func (*HTTPStatusError) Error

func (e *HTTPStatusError) Error() string

func (*HTTPStatusError) StatusCode

func (e *HTTPStatusError) StatusCode() int

type RequestSender

type RequestSender interface {
	Send(*http.Request) ([]byte, error)

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