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var (
	// PluginID is the rawexec plugin metadata registered in the plugin
	// catalog.
	PluginID = loader.PluginID{
		Name:       pluginName,
		PluginType: base.PluginTypeDriver,

	// PluginConfig is the rawexec factory function registered in the
	// plugin catalog.
	PluginConfig = &loader.InternalPluginConfig{
		Config:  map[string]interface{}{},
		Factory: func(l hclog.Logger) interface{} { return NewRktDriver(l) },


func GetAbsolutePath

func GetAbsolutePath(bin string) (string, error)

GetAbsolutePath returns the absolute path of the passed binary by resolving it in the path and following symlinks.

func NewRktDriver

func NewRktDriver(logger hclog.Logger) drivers.DriverPlugin

func PluginLoader

func PluginLoader(opts map[string]string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

PluginLoader maps pre-0.9 client driver options to post-0.9 plugin options.


type Config

type Config struct {
	// VolumesEnabled allows tasks to bind host paths (volumes) inside their
	// container. Binding relative paths is always allowed and will be resolved
	// relative to the allocation's directory.
	VolumesEnabled bool `codec:"volumes_enabled"`

Config is the client configuration for the driver

type Driver

type Driver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Driver is a driver for running images via Rkt We attempt to chose sane defaults for now, with more configuration available planned in the future.

func (*Driver) Capabilities

func (d *Driver) Capabilities() (*drivers.Capabilities, error)

func (*Driver) ConfigSchema

func (d *Driver) ConfigSchema() (*hclspec.Spec, error)

func (*Driver) DestroyTask

func (d *Driver) DestroyTask(taskID string, force bool) error

func (*Driver) ExecTask

func (d *Driver) ExecTask(taskID string, cmdArgs []string, timeout time.Duration) (*drivers.ExecTaskResult, error)

func (*Driver) Fingerprint

func (d *Driver) Fingerprint(ctx context.Context) (<-chan *drivers.Fingerprint, error)

func (*Driver) InspectTask

func (d *Driver) InspectTask(taskID string) (*drivers.TaskStatus, error)

func (*Driver) PluginInfo

func (d *Driver) PluginInfo() (*base.PluginInfoResponse, error)

func (*Driver) RecoverTask

func (d *Driver) RecoverTask(handle *drivers.TaskHandle) error

func (*Driver) SetConfig

func (d *Driver) SetConfig(cfg *base.Config) error

func (*Driver) Shutdown

func (d *Driver) Shutdown()

func (*Driver) SignalTask

func (d *Driver) SignalTask(taskID string, signal string) error

func (*Driver) StartTask

func (*Driver) StopTask

func (d *Driver) StopTask(taskID string, timeout time.Duration, signal string) error

func (*Driver) TaskConfigSchema

func (d *Driver) TaskConfigSchema() (*hclspec.Spec, error)

func (*Driver) TaskEvents

func (d *Driver) TaskEvents(ctx context.Context) (<-chan *drivers.TaskEvent, error)

func (*Driver) TaskStats

func (d *Driver) TaskStats(ctx context.Context, taskID string, interval time.Duration) (<-chan *drivers.TaskResourceUsage, error)

func (*Driver) WaitTask

func (d *Driver) WaitTask(ctx context.Context, taskID string) (<-chan *drivers.ExitResult, error)

type NetInfo

type NetInfo struct {
	NetName    string `json:"netName"`
	ConfPath   string `json:"netConf"`
	PluginPath string `json:"pluginPath"`
	IfName     string `json:"ifName"`
	IP         net.IP `json:"ip"`
	Args       string `json:"args"`

A type and some structure to represent rkt's view of a *runtime* network instance. https://github.com/rkt/rkt/blob/4080b1743e0c46fa1645f4de64f1b75a980d82a3/networking/netinfo/netinfo.go#L29-L48

type Pod

type Pod struct {
	UUID     string    `json:"name"`
	State    string    `json:"state"`
	Networks []NetInfo `json:"networks,omitempty"`

Pod is the pod object, as defined in https://github.com/rkt/rkt/blob/03285a7db960311faf887452538b2b8ae4304488/api/v1/json.go#L68-L88

type TaskConfig

type TaskConfig struct {
	ImageName        string             `codec:"image"`
	Command          string             `codec:"command"`
	Args             []string           `codec:"args"`
	TrustPrefix      string             `codec:"trust_prefix"`
	DNSServers       []string           `codec:"dns_servers"`        // DNS Server for containers
	DNSSearchDomains []string           `codec:"dns_search_domains"` // DNS Search domains for containers
	Net              []string           `codec:"net"`                // Networks for the containers
	PortMap          hclutils.MapStrStr `codec:"port_map"`           // A map of host port and the port name defined in the image manifest file
	Volumes          []string           `codec:"volumes"`            // Host-Volumes to mount in, syntax: /path/to/host/directory:/destination/path/in/container[:readOnly]
	InsecureOptions  []string           `codec:"insecure_options"`   // list of args for --insecure-options

	NoOverlay bool   `codec:"no_overlay"` // disable overlayfs for rkt run
	Debug     bool   `codec:"debug"`      // Enable debug option for rkt command
	Group     string `codec:"group"`      // Group override for the container

TaskConfig is the driver configuration of a taskConfig within a job

type TaskState

type TaskState struct {
	ReattachConfig *pstructs.ReattachConfig
	TaskConfig     *drivers.TaskConfig
	Pid            int
	StartedAt      time.Time
	UUID           string

TaskState is the state which is encoded in the handle returned in StartTask. This information is needed to rebuild the taskConfig state and handler during recovery.

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