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const ProviderName = `KeystoneProvider`

ProviderName is the name of the credentials provider.


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func NewCredentialsClient

func NewCredentialsClient(accessKeyID string, options ...func(*KeystoneProvider)) *credentials.Credentials

NewCredentialsClient returns a Credentials wrapper for retrieving credentials

func NewProviderClient

func NewProviderClient(accessKeyID string, options ...func(*KeystoneProvider)) credentials.Provider

NewProviderClient returns a credentials Provider for retrieving credentials


type Blob

type Blob struct {
	Access string `json:"access"`
	Secret string `json:"secret"`

type GetCredentialOutput added in v0.6.3

type GetCredentialOutput struct {
	AccessKeyID     string
	SecretAccessKey string
	TenantID        string
	UserID          string

type KeystoneProvider

type KeystoneProvider struct {
	// Requires a gopher cloud Client to make HTTP requests to the Keystone with.
	Identity *gophercloud.ServiceClient

	// Requires an AccessKeyID to filter the credentials request.
	AccessKeyID string

KeystoneProvider is a client to retrieve credentials from Keystone.

func (*KeystoneProvider) Retrieve

func (p *KeystoneProvider) Retrieve() (credentials.Value, error)

Retrieve will attempt to request the credentials from the Keystone And error will be returned if the retrieval fails.

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