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var MaxTimeForSingleHttpRequest = 50 * time.Minute

TryTimeout indicates the maximum time allowed for any single try of an HTTP request.


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type AzureAdapter

type AzureAdapter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*AzureAdapter) AbortMultipartUpload

func (ad *AzureAdapter) AbortMultipartUpload(ctx context.Context, multipartUpload *pb.MultipartUpload) error

func (*AzureAdapter) Base64ToInt64

func (ad *AzureAdapter) Base64ToInt64(base64ID string) int64

func (*AzureAdapter) BinaryToBase64

func (ad *AzureAdapter) BinaryToBase64(binaryID []byte) string

func (*AzureAdapter) ChangeStorageClass

func (ad *AzureAdapter) ChangeStorageClass(ctx context.Context, object *pb.Object, newClass *string) error

func (*AzureAdapter) Close

func (ad *AzureAdapter) Close() error

func (*AzureAdapter) CompleteMultipartUpload

func (ad *AzureAdapter) CompleteMultipartUpload(ctx context.Context, multipartUpload *pb.MultipartUpload,
	completeUpload *model.CompleteMultipartUpload) (*model.CompleteMultipartUploadResult, error)

func (*AzureAdapter) Copy

func (ad *AzureAdapter) Copy(ctx context.Context, stream io.Reader, target *pb.Object) (result dscommon.PutResult, err error)

func (*AzureAdapter) Delete

func (ad *AzureAdapter) Delete(ctx context.Context, input *pb.DeleteObjectInput) error

func (*AzureAdapter) Get

func (ad *AzureAdapter) Get(ctx context.Context, object *pb.Object, start int64, end int64) (io.ReadCloser, error)

func (*AzureAdapter) GetObjectInfo

func (ad *AzureAdapter) GetObjectInfo(bucketName string, key string, context context.Context) (*pb.Object, error)

func (*AzureAdapter) InitMultipartUpload

func (ad *AzureAdapter) InitMultipartUpload(ctx context.Context, object *pb.Object) (*pb.MultipartUpload, error)

func (*AzureAdapter) Int64ToBase64

func (ad *AzureAdapter) Int64ToBase64(blockID int64) string

func (*AzureAdapter) ListParts

func (ad *AzureAdapter) ListParts(ctx context.Context, multipartUpload *pb.ListParts) (*model.ListPartsOutput, error)

func (*AzureAdapter) Put

func (ad *AzureAdapter) Put(ctx context.Context, stream io.Reader, object *pb.Object) (dscommon.PutResult, error)

func (*AzureAdapter) UploadPart

func (ad *AzureAdapter) UploadPart(ctx context.Context, stream io.Reader, multipartUpload *pb.MultipartUpload,
	partNumber int64, upBytes int64) (*model.UploadPartResult, error)

type AzureBlobDriverFactory

type AzureBlobDriverFactory struct {

func (*AzureBlobDriverFactory) CreateDriver

func (factory *AzureBlobDriverFactory) CreateDriver(backend *backendpb.BackendDetail) (driver.StorageDriver, error)

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