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Published: Feb 26, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



This project is deprecated. It will contribute to istio directly instead of developing in a forked repo.

SOFAMesh is a large-scale implementation scheme of Service Mesh based on Istio. On the basis of inheriting the powerful functions and rich features of Istio, in order to meet the performance requirements in large-scale deployments and to respond to the actual situation in the implementation, the following improvements are made:

  • MOSN written in Golang instead of Envoy
  • Merge Mixer to data plane to resolve performance bottlenecks
  • Enhance Pilot for more flexible service discovery mechanism
  • Added support for SOFA RPC, Dubbo

The initial version was contributed by Ant Financial and Alibaba UC Business Unit.

该项目已弃用。该项目将直接向 Istio 贡献,而不是在 fork 的仓库中开发。

SOFAMesh 是基于 Istio 改进和扩展而来的 Service Mesh 大规模落地实践方案。在继承 Istio 强大功能和丰富特性的基础上,为满足大规模部署下的性能要求以及应对落地实践中的实际情况,有如下改进:

  • 采用 Golang 编写的 MOSN 取代 Envoy
  • 合并 Mixer 到数据平面以解决性能瓶颈
  • 增强 Pilot 以实现更灵活的服务发现机制
  • 增加对 SOFA RPC、Dubbo 的支持