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func PrintBlockInfo

func PrintBlockInfo(w io.Writer, blockInfo *pfs.BlockInfo)

PrintBlockInfo pretty-prints block info.

func PrintBlockInfoHeader

func PrintBlockInfoHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintBlockInfoHeader prints a block info header.

func PrintCommitInfo

func PrintCommitInfo(w io.Writer, commitInfo *pfs.CommitInfo)

PrintCommitInfo pretty-prints commit info.

func PrintCommitInfoHeader

func PrintCommitInfoHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintCommitInfoHeader prints a commit info header.

func PrintDetailedCommitInfo

func PrintDetailedCommitInfo(commitInfo *pfs.CommitInfo) error

PrintDetailedCommitInfo pretty-prints detailed commit info.

func PrintDetailedFileInfo

func PrintDetailedFileInfo(fileInfo *pfs.FileInfo) error

PrintDetailedFileInfo pretty-prints detailed file info.

func PrintDetailedRepoInfo

func PrintDetailedRepoInfo(repoInfo *pfs.RepoInfo) error

PrintDetailedRepoInfo pretty-prints detailed repo info.

func PrintFileInfo

func PrintFileInfo(w io.Writer, fileInfo *pfs.FileInfo)

PrintFileInfo pretty-prints file info.

func PrintFileInfoHeader

func PrintFileInfoHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintFileInfoHeader prints a file info header.

func PrintRepoHeader

func PrintRepoHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintRepoHeader prints a repo header.

func PrintRepoInfo

func PrintRepoInfo(w io.Writer, repoInfo *pfs.RepoInfo)

PrintRepoInfo pretty-prints repo info.


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