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Published: Nov 25, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (
	InvalidSnapshotErrMessage = "validation is disabled due to an invalid resource which has been written to storage. " +
		"Please correct any Rejected resources to re-enable validation."


var (
	NotReadyErr = errors.Errorf("validation is not yet available. Waiting for first snapshot")

	RouteTableDeleteErr = func(parentVirtualServices, parentRouteTables []core.ResourceRef) error {
		return errors.Errorf("" /* 183 byte string literal not displayed */, parentVirtualServices, parentRouteTables)
	VirtualServiceDeleteErr = func(parentGateways []core.ResourceRef) error {
		return errors.Errorf("" /* 146 byte string literal not displayed */, parentGateways)

func NewConnectionRefreshingValidationClient

func NewConnectionRefreshingValidationClient(constructValidationClient func() (validation.ProxyValidationServiceClient, error)) (*connectionRefreshingValidationClient, error)

func NewValidator

func NewValidator(cfg ValidatorConfig) *validator

type ClientConstructor

type ClientConstructor func() (client validation.ProxyValidationServiceClient, e error)

func RetryOnUnavailableClientConstructor

func RetryOnUnavailableClientConstructor(ctx context.Context, serverAddress string) ClientConstructor

the constructor returned here is not threadsafe; call from a lock

type ProxyReports

type ProxyReports []*validation.ProxyReport

type Validator

type Validator interface {
	ValidateGateway(ctx context.Context, gw *v1.Gateway) (ProxyReports, error)
	ValidateVirtualService(ctx context.Context, vs *v1.VirtualService) (ProxyReports, error)
	ValidateDeleteVirtualService(ctx context.Context, vs core.ResourceRef) error
	ValidateRouteTable(ctx context.Context, rt *v1.RouteTable) (ProxyReports, error)
	ValidateDeleteRouteTable(ctx context.Context, rt core.ResourceRef) error

type ValidatorConfig

type ValidatorConfig struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewValidatorConfig

func NewValidatorConfig(translator translator.Translator, validationClient validation.ProxyValidationServiceClient, writeNamespace string, ignoreProxyValidationFailure, allowBrokenLinks bool) ValidatorConfig

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