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var Licenses = make(map[string]License)

    Licenses contains all possible licenses a user can choose from.


    func Execute

    func Execute() error

      Execute executes the root command.


      type Command

      type Command struct {
      	CmdName   string
      	CmdParent string

      func (*Command) Create

      func (c *Command) Create() error

      type License

      type License struct {
      	Name            string   // The type of license in use
      	PossibleMatches []string // Similar names to guess
      	Text            string   // License text data
      	Header          string   // License header for source files

        License represents a software license agreement, containing the Name of the license, its possible matches (on the command line as given to cobra), the header to be used with each file on the file's creating, and the text of the license

        type Project

        type Project struct {
        	// v2
        	PkgName      string
        	Copyright    string
        	AbsolutePath string
        	Legal        License
        	Viper        bool
        	AppName      string

          Project contains name, license and paths to projects.

          func (*Project) Create

          func (p *Project) Create() error