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type DefaultUAACManager

type DefaultUAACManager struct {
	Host      string
	UUACToken string

DefaultUAACManager -

func (*DefaultUAACManager) CreateExternalUser added in v0.0.42

func (m *DefaultUAACManager) CreateExternalUser(userName, userEmail, externalID, origin string) error

CreateExternalUser -

func (*DefaultUAACManager) ListUsers

func (m *DefaultUAACManager) ListUsers() (map[string]string, error)

ListUsers - Returns a map containing username as key and user guid as value

func (*DefaultUAACManager) UsersByID added in v0.0.53

func (m *DefaultUAACManager) UsersByID() (userIDMap map[string]User, err error)

UsersByID returns a map of Users keyed by ID.

type Manager

type Manager interface {

	//Returns a map keyed and valued by user id. User id is converted to lowercase
	ListUsers() (map[string]string, error)

	// Returns a map keyed by userid and value as User struct.
	// Return an empty map if an error occurs or if there are no users found
	UsersByID() (map[string]User, error)

	CreateExternalUser(userName, userEmail, externalID, origin string) (err error)

Manager -

func NewManager

func NewManager(systemDomain, uuacToken string) (mgr Manager)

NewManager -

type User

type User struct {
	ID       string `json:"id"`
	UserName string `json:"userName"`
	Origin   string `json:"origin"`

User -

type UserList

type UserList struct {
	Users []User `json:"resources"`

UserList -


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