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type DefaultManager

type DefaultManager struct {
	ConfigDir string

DefaultManager -

func (*DefaultManager) AddOrgToConfig

func (m *DefaultManager) AddOrgToConfig(orgConfig *OrgConfig) error

AddOrgToConfig -

func (*DefaultManager) AddSpaceToConfig

func (m *DefaultManager) AddSpaceToConfig(spaceConfig *SpaceConfig) error

AddSpaceToConfig -

func (*DefaultManager) CreateConfigIfNotExists added in v0.0.53

func (m *DefaultManager) CreateConfigIfNotExists(uaaOrigin string) error

CreateConfigIfNotExists Create org and space config directory. If directory already exists, it is left as is

func (*DefaultManager) DeleteConfigIfExists added in v0.0.53

func (m *DefaultManager) DeleteConfigIfExists() error

DeleteConfigIfExists Deletes config directory if it exists

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	AddOrgToConfig(orgConfig *OrgConfig) (err error)
	AddSpaceToConfig(spaceConfig *SpaceConfig) (err error)
	CreateConfigIfNotExists(uaaOrigin string) error
	DeleteConfigIfExists() error

Manager -

func NewManager

func NewManager(configDir string) Manager

NewManager -

type OrgConfig added in v0.0.48

type OrgConfig struct {
	OrgName                string
	OrgBillingMgrLDAPGrp   string
	OrgMgrLDAPGrp          string
	OrgAuditorLDAPGrp      string
	OrgBillingMgrUAAUsers  []string
	OrgMgrUAAUsers         []string
	OrgAuditorUAAUsers     []string
	OrgBillingMgrLDAPUsers []string
	OrgMgrLDAPUsers        []string
	OrgAuditorLDAPUsers    []string
	OrgQuota               cloudcontroller.QuotaEntity

OrgConfig Describes attributes for an org

type SpaceConfig added in v0.0.48

type SpaceConfig struct {
	OrgName               string
	SpaceName             string
	SpaceDevLDAPGrp       string
	SpaceMgrLDAPGrp       string
	SpaceAuditorLDAPGrp   string
	SpaceDevUAAUsers      []string
	SpaceMgrUAAUsers      []string
	SpaceAuditorUAAUsers  []string
	SpaceDevLDAPUsers     []string
	SpaceMgrLDAPUsers     []string
	SpaceAuditorLDAPUsers []string
	SpaceQuota            cloudcontroller.QuotaEntity
	AllowSSH              bool

SpaceConfig Describes attributes for a space

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