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var DebugRtp = false
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var DebugRtsp = false
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var ErrCodecDataChange = fmt.Errorf("rtsp: codec data change, please call HandleCodecDataChange()")
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var SkipErrRtpBlock = false


func Handler

func Handler(h *avutil.RegisterHandler)


type Client

type Client struct {
	DebugRtsp bool
	DebugRtp  bool
	Headers   []string

	SkipErrRtpBlock bool

	RtspTimeout         time.Duration
	RtpTimeout          time.Duration
	RtpKeepAliveTimeout time.Duration
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Dial

func Dial(uri string) (self *Client, err error)

func DialTimeout

func DialTimeout(uri string, timeout time.Duration) (self *Client, err error)

func (*Client) Close

func (self *Client) Close() (err error)

func (*Client) Describe

func (self *Client) Describe() (streams []sdp.Media, err error)

func (*Client) HandleCodecDataChange

func (self *Client) HandleCodecDataChange() (_newcli *Client, err error)

func (*Client) Options

func (self *Client) Options() (err error)

func (*Client) Play

func (self *Client) Play() (err error)

func (*Client) ReadPacket

func (self *Client) ReadPacket(ctx context.Context, skipData bool) (pkt av.Packet, err error)

func (*Client) ReadResponse

func (self *Client) ReadResponse() (res Response, err error)

func (*Client) SendRtpKeepalive

func (self *Client) SendRtpKeepalive() (err error)

func (*Client) Setup

func (self *Client) Setup(idx []int) (err error)

func (*Client) SetupAll

func (self *Client) SetupAll() (err error)

func (*Client) Streams

func (self *Client) Streams(ctx context.Context) (streams []av.CodecData, err error)

func (*Client) Teardown

func (self *Client) Teardown() (err error)

func (*Client) WriteRequest

func (self *Client) WriteRequest(req Request) (err error)

type Request

type Request struct {
	Header []string
	Uri    string
	Method string

type Response

type Response struct {
	StatusCode    int
	Headers       textproto.MIMEHeader
	ContentLength int
	Body          []byte

	Block []byte

type Stream

type Stream struct {
	Sdp sdp.Media
	// contains filtered or unexported fields


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