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Published: Sep 1, 2017 License: GPL-3.0-or-later Imports: 29 Imported by: 0



cdc starts a custom version of cairo-dock with a new config GUI.


cdc command [arguments]

The commands are:

appinfo     appinfo edits applets information
build       build cairo-dock sources
external    external applets management
remote      remote controls the active dock
upload      upload files or text to one-click hosting services
version     print cdc version

Use "cdc help [command]" for more information about a command.

Without command, the dock will be started with those arguments:

Display Backend:

-c          Use Cairo backend.
-o          Use OpenGL backend.
-O          Use OpenGL backend with indirect rendering.
            There are very few case where this option should be used.
-A          Ask again on startup which backend to use.
-W          Work around some bugs in Metacity Window-Manager
            (invisible dialogs or sub-docks)


-k          Lock the dock so that any modification is impossible for users.
-e env      Force the dock to consider this environnement - use it with care.
-a          Keep the dock above other windows.
-s          Don't make the dock appear on all desktops.

Paths override:

-d path     Use a custom config directory. Default: ~/.config/cairo-dock
-S url      Address of a server with additional themes (overrides default).
-M path     Ask the dock to load additionnal modules from this directory.
            (though it is unsafe for your dock to load unnofficial modules).


-w time     Wait for N seconds before starting; this is useful if you notice
            some problems when the dock starts with the session.
-x appname  Exclude applets from activating (still loaded). Separator=;
-f          Safe mode: don't load any plug-ins.
-l level    Log verbosity: debug,message,warning,critical,error (def=warning).
-F          Force to display some output messages with colors.
-D          Debug mode for the go part of the code (including applets).
-N          Don't start the internal Dbus service (used by remote command).
-pf         pprof file output:   go tool pprof $(which cdc) /pathToFile
-pw         pprof web service:   http://localhost:port/debug/pprof


-v          Print gldi version.
-vv         Print all versions.

This version still lacks some options and may not be considered usable for everybody at the moment. But it also needs to be tested now.

Appinfo edits applets information


cdc appinfo [-d path] appletname...

AppInfo edits applets registration information.

Common flags:

-d path      Use a custom config directory. Default: ~/.config/cairo-dock

Build cairo-dock sources


cdc build [-k] [-r] [-h] target

Build builds and install Cairo-Dock sources.


c or core        Build the dock core.
p or plug-ins    Build all plug-ins.
applet name      Use the name of the applet directory in cairo-dock-plug-ins.
                 Plug-ins must have been installed first.


-k               Keep build dir unchanged before build (no make clean).
-r               Reload your target after build.
-h               Hide the make install flood if any.
-g               Graphical mode. Use gksudo to request password.


-s               Sources directory. Default is current dir.
-j               Specifies the number of jobs (commands) to run simultaneously.
                 Default = all availables processors.

External applets management


cdc external [-d path] [-r] [appletname...]

External lists, installs or removes Cairo-Dock external applets.

The action depends if applet names are provided, and on the -r flag:

no applet name        Display the list of external applets.
one or more           Install applet(s).
one or more and -r    Remove applet(s).

Common flags:

-d path      Use a custom config directory. Default: ~/.config/cairo-dock

Remove flag:

-r           Remove applets instead of install.

List matching flags:

-s           Only match applets found on the applet server.
-l           Only match applets found locally.

List display flags:

-json        Print applet package data in JSON format.
-f template  Set a specific format for the list, with the go template syntax.

You can use a template to format the result the way you want. For example, to have just the applet name: -f '{{.DisplayedName}}'. Everything is possible like '{{.DisplayedName}} by {{.Author}}'.

For the full list of fields, see AppletPackage:

Remote controls the active dock


cdc remote command [args...]

Remote sends a remote command to the active dock.

d   Debug appletName [state]
      Set the debug state of a go applet.
        To disable the debug, use state: false, no or 0.
        All other state value will enable the debug for the applet.

sb  SourceCodeBuildTarget
      Build the current source code target.
sg  SourceCodeGrepTarget grepString
      Grep text in the current source code target dir.
so  SourceCodeOpenFile filePath
      Open a file in the current source code target dir (if relative).

ul  UpToShareLastLink
      Print the link of the last uploaded item.

Upload files or text to one-click hosting services


cdc upload path/to/file

Upload send data (file or pipe) to a one-click hosting service.


-m           Multiple files enabled.


cdc upload /path/to/file
cdc upload < path/to/file

cat /path/to/file | cdc upload
echo "test online text" | cdc upload   # send raw text

Note: you must have an active instance of the NetActivity applet.

Print cdc version


cdc version

Version prints the cdc version.

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