This tool adds zero-value return values to incomplete Go return statements, to save you time when writing Go. It is inspired by and based on goimports.

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full 30-second screencast:

For example, the following incomplete return statement:

func F() (*MyType, int, error) { return errors.New("foo") }

is made complete by adding nil and 0 returns (the zero values for *MyType and int):

func F() (*MyType, int, error) { return nil, 0, errors.New("foo") }

To install:

go get -u

To run:

goreturns file.go

To view a diff showing what it'd do on a sample file:

goreturns -d $GOPATH/

Editor integration: replace gofmt or goimports in your post-save hook with goreturns. By default goreturns calls goimports on files before performing its own processing.

It acts the same as gofmt (same flags, etc) but in addition to code formatting, also fixes returns.

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returns Package returns implements a Go pretty-printer (like package "go/format") that also adds zero-value return values as necessary to incomplete return statements.