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const (
	EntryPointEnvVar            = "ENTRY_POINT"
	HoistLaunchableType         = "hoist"
	OpenContainerLaunchableType = "opencontainer"
	DockerLaunchableType        = "docker"
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const DefaultAllowableDiskUsage = 10 * size.Gibibyte


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type ArtifactName

type ArtifactName string

func (ArtifactName) String

func (a ArtifactName) String() string

type Command

type Command struct {
	Command []string `yaml:"command"`

Command contains launchable information specific to the "docker" launchable type.

type DisableError

type DisableError struct{ Inner error }

func (DisableError) Error

func (e DisableError) Error() string

type DockerImage

type DockerImage struct {
	Name   string `yaml:"name"`
	SHA256 string `yaml:"sha256"`

DockerImage contains launchable information specific to the "docker" launchable type.

type EnableError

type EnableError struct{ Inner error }

func (EnableError) Error

func (e EnableError) Error() string

type Executable

type Executable struct {
	ServiceName   string // e.g. "bin__launch"
	RelativePath  string // relative path to executable within launchable, e.g. "bin/launch"
	Service       runit.Service
	LogAgent      runit.Service
	Exec          []string
	RestartPolicy runit.RestartPolicy

Executable describes a command and its arguments that should be executed to start a service running.

func (Executable) WriteExecutor

func (e Executable) WriteExecutor(writer io.Writer) error

type Launchable

type Launchable interface {
	// Type returns a text description of the type of launchable.
	Type() string
	// ID returns a (pod-wise) unique ID for this launchable.
	ID() LaunchableID
	// ServiceID returns a (host-wise) unique ID for this launchable.
	// Unlike ID(), ServiceID() must be unique for all instances of a launchable
	// on a single host, even if are multiple pods have the same launchable ID.
	// This is because runit requires service names to be unique.
	// In practice this usually means this will return some concatenation of the
	// pod ID and the launchable ID.
	ServiceID() string
	// InstallDir is the directory where this launchable is or will be placed.
	InstallDir() string
	// EnvDir is the directory in which launchable environment variables
	// will be expressed as files
	EnvDir() string
	// Executables gets a list of the commands that are part of this launchable.
	Executables(serviceBuilder *runit.ServiceBuilder) ([]Executable, error)
	// Installed returns true if this launchable is already installed.
	Installed() bool
	// Executes any necessary post-install steps to ready the launchable for launch
	PostInstall() (string, error)

	// PostActive runs a Hoist-specific "post-activate" script in the launchable.
	PostActivate() (string, error)
	// Launch begins execution.
	Launch(serviceBuilder *runit.ServiceBuilder, sv runit.SV) error
	// Disable allows a launchable to stop work and do cleanup prior to Stop
	Disable(gracePeriod time.Duration) error
	// Stop stops execution.
	Stop(serviceBuilder *runit.ServiceBuilder, sv runit.SV, force bool) error
	// MakeCurrent adjusts a "current" symlink for this launchable name to point to this
	// launchable's version.
	MakeCurrent() error
	// Prune performs necessary cleanup for a particular launchable's resources, should it
	// be necessary. The provided argument is guidance for how many bytes on disk a particular
	// launchable should consume
	Prune(size.ByteCount) error

	// RestartTimeout returns the RestartTimeout
	GetRestartTimeout() time.Duration

	// Env vars that will be exported to the launchable for its launch script and other hooks.
	EnvVars() map[string]string

	RestartPolicy() runit.RestartPolicy

Launchable describes a type of app that can be downloaded and launched.

type LaunchableID

type LaunchableID string

func (LaunchableID) String

func (l LaunchableID) String() string

type LaunchableStanza

type LaunchableStanza struct {
	LaunchableType          string            `yaml:"launchable_type"`
	DigestLocation          string            `yaml:"digest_location,omitempty"`
	DigestSignatureLocation string            `yaml:"digest_signature_location,omitempty"`
	RestartTimeout          string            `yaml:"restart_timeout,omitempty"`
	CgroupConfig            cgroups.Config    `yaml:"cgroup,omitempty"`
	Env                     map[string]string `yaml:"env,omitempty"`

	// Indicates whether the processes started for the launchable should be
	// restarted when they terminate.  When unspecified, the default is
	// "always".
	RestartPolicy_ runit.RestartPolicy `yaml:"restart_policy,omitempty"`

	// NoHaltOnUpdate instructs the preparer to skip stopping the
	// launchable's processes when it is being updated. This is useful for
	// processes that are designed to be updated via binary overwrite and
	// SIGHUP for example.
	// NOTE: under certain circumstances the process still might be
	// stopped, for example if a host operator calls p2-shutdown
	// NOTE: P2 does not arrange for signals to your app to signify update,
	// that should be implemented by the pod itself via bin/post-activate
	NoHaltOnUpdate bool `yaml:"no_halt_on_update,omitempty"`

	// Specifies which files or directories (relative to launchable root)
	// should be launched under runit. Only launchables of type "hoist"
	// make use of this field, and if empty, a default of ["bin/launch"]
	// is used
	EntryPoints []string `yaml:"entry_points,omitempty"`

	// The URL from which the launchable can be downloaded. May not be used
	// in conjunction with Version
	Location string `yaml:"location,omitempty"`

	// An alternative to using Location to inform artifact downloading. Version information
	// can be used to query a configured artifact registry which will provide the artifact
	// URL. Version may not be used in conjunction with Location
	Version LaunchableVersion `yaml:"version,omitempty"`

	// Image: the name of the container image to run. This only applies when the launchable
	// type is "docker"
	Image DockerImage `yaml:"image,omitempty"`

	// Entrypoint: only supported for docker launchables. This values specifies an entrypoint that will override the default entrypoint defined in the image
	EntryPoint strslice.StrSlice `yaml:"entrypoint,omitempty"`

	// PostStart: only supported for docker launchables. This value specifies what command to run after the container has started. This is equivalent to the enable script for hoist launchables
	PostStart PostStart `yaml:"postStart,omitempty"`

	// PreStop: only supported for docker launchables. This value specifies what command to run before the container is stopped. This is equivalent to the disable script for hoist launchables
	PreStop PreStop `yaml:"preStop,omitempty"`

func (LaunchableStanza) ImageDirectory

func (l LaunchableStanza) ImageDirectory() (string, error)

func (LaunchableStanza) LaunchableImage

func (l LaunchableStanza) LaunchableImage() (string, error)

func (LaunchableStanza) LaunchableVersion

func (l LaunchableStanza) LaunchableVersion() (LaunchableVersionID, error)

func (LaunchableStanza) RestartPolicy

func (l LaunchableStanza) RestartPolicy() runit.RestartPolicy

type LaunchableVersion

type LaunchableVersion struct {
	// If present, overrides the artifact name to be used when discovering the artifact.
	// If absent, the name used for discovery defaults to the launchable ID.
	ArtifactOverride ArtifactName        `json:"artifact_name,omitempty" yaml:"artifact_name,omitempty"`
	ID               LaunchableVersionID `json:"id" yaml:"id"`
	Tags             map[string]string   `json:"tags,omitempty" yaml:"tags,omitempty"`

type LaunchableVersionID

type LaunchableVersionID string

func (LaunchableVersionID) String

func (l LaunchableVersionID) String() string

type PostStart

type PostStart struct {
	Exec Command `yaml:"exec"`

PostStart contains launchable information specific to the "docker" launchable type.

type PreStop

type PreStop struct {
	Exec Command `yaml:"exec"`

PreStop contains launchable information specific to the "docker" launchable type.

type StartError

type StartError struct{ Inner error }

func (StartError) Error

func (e StartError) Error() string

type StopError

type StopError struct{ Inner error }

func (StopError) Error

func (e StopError) Error() string

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