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type Context

type Context struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Context struct, req = the *http.Request provided with the NewContext func

func Find

func Find(req *http.Request) *Context

Retrive a context from the memo map and return.

func NewContext

func NewContext(req *http.Request) *Context

Create a new context struct, with vars map

func (*Context) Delete

func (c *Context) Delete(key string)

Delete a key

func (*Context) Destroy

func (c *Context) Destroy()

Remove a Context from the memo map

func (*Context) Get

func (c *Context) Get(key string) string

Get a key value from a context

func (*Context) GetAll

func (c *Context) GetAll() map[string]string

Get the map of data of the context

func (*Context) Set

func (c *Context) Set(key, value string)

Set a new key value pair in the context.Vars

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