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var ErrBrokenFS = fmt.Errorf("mocked")

ErrBrokenFS is a default error that will be returned if some operation is mocked


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type BrokenFS

type BrokenFS struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BrokenFS is a simple billy.Filesystem mockup

func NewBrokenFS

func NewBrokenFS(fs billy.Filesystem, opts BrokenFSOptions) *BrokenFS

NewBrokenFS is BrokenFS constructor

func (*BrokenFS) Chroot

func (fs *BrokenFS) Chroot(path string) (billy.Filesystem, error)

func (*BrokenFS) Create

func (fs *BrokenFS) Create(filename string) (billy.File, error)

func (*BrokenFS) Open

func (fs *BrokenFS) Open(filename string) (billy.File, error)

func (*BrokenFS) OpenFile

func (fs *BrokenFS) OpenFile(filename string, flag int, perm os.FileMode) (billy.File, error)

func (*BrokenFS) Stat

func (fs *BrokenFS) Stat(filename string) (os.FileInfo, error)

func (*BrokenFS) TempFile

func (fs *BrokenFS) TempFile(dir, prefix string) (billy.File, error)

type BrokenFSOptions

type BrokenFSOptions struct {
	FailedOpen     bool
	FailedOpenFile bool
	FailedStat     bool
	FailedChroot   bool
	FailedCreate   bool
	FailedTempFile bool

BrokenFSOptions contains list of operations that will be broken in the scope of this mock up

type Helper

type Helper struct {
	Dir    string
	Siva   string
	FS     billy.Filesystem
	TempFS billy.Filesystem
	Lib    *siva.Library

Helper is a struct that's used to simplify preparation and execution of download tests

func NewHelper

func NewHelper() (*Helper, func(), error)

NewHelper is Helper's constructor

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