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type OnlineClientMock

type OnlineClientMock struct {

OnlineClientMock can be used to unit test against the client using testify/mock

func (*OnlineClientMock) BootNormalMode

func (o *OnlineClientMock) BootNormalMode(serverID int) error

BootNormalMode is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) BootRescueMode

func (o *OnlineClientMock) BootRescueMode(serverID int, image string) (*online.RescueCredentials, error)

BootRescueMode is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) DeleteMACFailoverIP

func (o *OnlineClientMock) DeleteMACFailoverIP(address string) error

DeleteMACFailoverIP is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) DeleteRPNv2

func (o *OnlineClientMock) DeleteRPNv2(id int, wait time.Duration) error

DeleteRPNv2 is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) EditFailoverIP

func (o *OnlineClientMock) EditFailoverIP(source, destination string) error

EditFailoverIP is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) GenerateMACFailoverIP

func (o *OnlineClientMock) GenerateMACFailoverIP(address, macType string) (string, error)

GenerateMACFailoverIP is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) GetRescueImages

func (o *OnlineClientMock) GetRescueImages(serverID int) ([]string, error)

GetRescueImages is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) ListRPNv2

func (o *OnlineClientMock) ListRPNv2() ([]*online.RPNv2, error)

ListRPNv2 is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) RPNv2

func (o *OnlineClientMock) RPNv2(id int) (*online.RPNv2, error)

RPNv2 is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) RPNv2ByName

func (o *OnlineClientMock) RPNv2ByName(name string) (*online.RPNv2, error)

RPNv2ByName is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) Server

func (o *OnlineClientMock) Server(id int) (*online.Server, error)

Server is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) SetRPNv2

func (o *OnlineClientMock) SetRPNv2(r *online.RPNv2, wait time.Duration) error

SetRPNv2 is a mock call

func (*OnlineClientMock) SetServer

func (o *OnlineClientMock) SetServer(s *online.Server) error

SetServer is a mock call

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