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    type WmiColumnDef

    type WmiColumnDef struct {
    	Name string
    	As   string
    	Type string

    type WmiInput

    type WmiInput struct {
    	Object map[string][]*WmiObject
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    func (*WmiInput) Collect

    func (w *WmiInput) Collect(acc telegraf.Accumulator, measurement string, wmiObjects []*WmiObject) error

    func (*WmiInput) ConnectWmi

    func (w *WmiInput) ConnectWmi() error

    func (*WmiInput) Description

    func (w *WmiInput) Description() string

      Description returns a one-sentence description on the Input

      func (*WmiInput) Gather

      func (w *WmiInput) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

        Gather takes in an accumulator and adds the metrics that the Input gathers. This is called every "interval"

        func (*WmiInput) ParseConfig

        func (w *WmiInput) ParseConfig() error

        func (*WmiInput) Process

        func (w *WmiInput) Process(measurement string, acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

        func (*WmiInput) SampleConfig

        func (w *WmiInput) SampleConfig() string

          SampleConfig returns the default configuration of the Input

          type WmiMetricItem

          type WmiMetricItem struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          func (*WmiMetricItem) Process

          func (mi *WmiMetricItem) Process(cmap map[string]WmiColumnDef, dataIn reflect.Value) error

          type WmiObject

          type WmiObject struct {
          	Host      string
          	Namespace string
          	User      string
          	Password  string
          	Table     string
          	As        string
          	Something string
          	Columns   []WmiColumnDef
          	Where     string
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          func (*WmiObject) Query

          func (wo *WmiObject) Query(pwg *sync.WaitGroup, wmi *wmi.SWbemServices)

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